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The elderly with chronic renal failure essential amino acids

Dec 31, 2016
If GFR 5 ml/min or less, it will be about 20 g protein intake in every day, although it can further reduce the nitrogen metabolites in blood, but because of too little protein, such as more than 3 weeks, protein malnutrition will happen, must be combined with essential amino acids and essential amino acid (EAA) and alpha keto acid mixture preparation, only may lead to long-term to maintain good nutritional status in patients with uremia.Oral or static point essential amino acids, adult 9 ~ 23 g every day, all with the provisions of this law with essential amino acids in the diet rich amino acids, and eating low levels of high quality protein 0.3 g/(kg · d).In order to promote the body's use of urea synthesis non-essential amino acids, and protein and essential amino acid to synthesize the human body, so as to achieve the aim of lowering urea nitrogen.Alpha keto acid and ammonia in the body into the corresponding EAA, EAA in the process of synthesis of protein, can use part of urea, so can reduce the blood urea nitrogen level, improve the symptoms of uremia.Alpha keto acid itself does not contain nitrogen, does not cause metabolic waste increase, but expensive.EAA indication only for patients with kidney failure.General dosage is 0.1 to 0.2 g/kg/day, three times.

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