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Four principles of renal dysfunction

Dec 25, 2016
Chronic kidney disease is "slow", but its harm is irreversible, the latter is renal insufficiency. Prevention of chronic disease is more important, the so-called early prevention, in fact, also governance. We mainly introduce from the following aspects:
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors can not only alleviate the high blood pressure, but also correct the glomerular perfusion, high filtration state, delay the occurrence of renal insufficiency advantage.
Two, to prevent or eliminate the drug application, some risk factors of renal toxicity of severe inflammation, shrink, urethral blockage (such as polycystic kidney stone, prostate hypertrophy), trauma and other factors, often make the original kidney disease, deterioration of renal function, chronic renal insufficiency occurred. In fact, regular, high-quality follow-up can reduce or prevent the occurrence of these risk factors, or early detection and correction.
Three, reasonable how to do with low PRO quality, low phosphorus and low fat with how to do, to chronic kidney disease kidney function protection advantage has been laboratory and clinical confirmation. It is emphasized that in order to prevent the occurrence of chronic renal insufficiency, the blood lipid should limit the quality of PRO diet when 159.1 micromolar rise.
Four, active treatment of the original disease of various acute, nephritis, nephritis, nephritis or may involve kidney disease (such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar) active treatment, prevent the occurrence of chronic renal insufficiency

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