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Risk factors for chronic renal failure progression

Dec 31, 2016
There are many influence factors in chronic renal failure progression, all can cause the progression of chronic renal failure factors, all can be seen as a "risk factors", including the following aspects:
(1) the primary disease, diabetic nephropathy and membrane proliferative glomerulonephritis, often can be quickly developed into chronic renal failure, uremia.Primary or secondary radical nephritis, can generally be acute renal failure, some long course of disease, characterized by chronic renal failure, adult patients with purpura nephritis, its progression often than IgA nephropathy patients quickly;Part of IgA nephropathy patients with renal failure progress speed more quickly, also it still needs further observation, severe high blood pressure and "vicious" such as failure to control high blood pressure, the progression of renal failure is also quite quickly.
(2) the inducement: acute infection, septicemia, bleeding, major surgery, insufficient blood volume, or dehydration, high condensation of high viscous state, hypokalemia, hypercalcemia, renal toxicity of drug or chemical poisoning, stones, urinary tract obstruction, etc., can be caused by chronic renal failure exacerbations.This kind of cause of renal failure caused by increasing, often have different degree of reversibility, as long as found timely and properly handled, often can make the renal function recovered better, even completely back to the front of the acute damage level.
(3) diet: high protein, high phosphorus diet often can make the chronic renal failure progress faster.In addition, high uric acid or oxalic acid diet may also aggravate the tubular damage.

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