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Chronic renal insufficiency learning

Dec 25, 2016
How to use the patients with chronic renal insufficiency properly is beneficial to reduce the retention of metabolic wastes and delay the progress and deterioration of chronic renal insufficiency. Due to the chronic renal insufficiency patients and their families on how to do a one-sided understanding of treatment, they in the "use" there are many misconceptions.
Vegetarian diet can reduce the burden on the kidneys
Patients with chronic renal insufficiency due to decreased kidney metabolism, the main body of toxins and urea and Inosine Accumulation in the body, resulting in damage to the body. These toxins are PRO metabolites of quality, so patients with chronic renal insufficiency should emphasize how to use high-quality PRO. Some patients can therefore long-term vegetarian, afraid of using animal PRO quality, that vegetarian does not contain PRO quality. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of the quality of food PRO. Food PRO mass comes from two aspects of plant PRO and animal PRO matter.
Although most plants PRO quality content is PRO animal quality content is low, but the daily staple food such as rice, flour quality PRO content in the 8%-9% above, beans and bean products PRO quality content of up to 20%, while the plant PRO containing non essential amino acids is greater than 50%, containing essential amino acid, and high potassium content therefore, not suitable for patients with chronic renal insufficiency. Therefore, patients with chronic renal insufficiency should eat food containing essential amino acids of high quality animal PRO, such as milk, egg, fish, should be appropriate to ease the intake of plant PRO quality, we should plant materials such as Soybean Milk and PRO tofu, beans and bean products. But the consumption of PRO quality should be eased, the amount of daily intake of edible PRO quality should be eased, the amount of daily intake of PRO quality according to their level of blood inosine rough estimate. In short, patients with chronic renal insufficiency must be clear, high quality low PRO quality with how to do not mean vegetarian, vegetarian and can not reduce the burden on the kidneys.
Drinking water without salt
Mr. Li was diagnosed with chronic renal insufficiency a year ago, with mild edema of lower legs and less urine. Because of the fear of salt, drinking water will increase the performance of half a year to insist no less salt water, but the results of muscle spasm, fatigued and weak performance, the condition becomes more and more important. To the hospital a laboratory, found hyponatremia, symptomatic treatment, performance improvement. Edema is a common manifestation of kidney disease, but also the most easily felt changes in patients. As we all know, salt water is directly related to edema, so many patients to use drinking water particularly cautious, caused by "fear of salt", "water" mentality, even without salt, counterproductive.
Limited salt water for patients with high blood pressure, edema, oliguria of chronic renal insufficiency patients is necessary, so as not to cause excessive sodium retention, increased edema and high blood pressure. But not all patients should limit water and salt. Without high blood pressure, edema and oliguria, should not limit the intake of water, salt. Without salt, Mr. Li can lead to sodium deficiency, muscle spasms, hypotension, low blood volume, orthostatic hypotension, and kidney damage. That is so much knowledge? Edema and oliguria, should also take low salt water to do the appropriate relief. Therefore, chronic renal insufficiency patients are strictly to alleviate water, salt intake, depending on the specific circumstances determined by the doctor. The fear of excessive salt, water is not necessary.
Drink bone soup can be calcium and physical
Mr. Lee is suffering from chronic renal insufficiency has been more than two years, by combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine conservative treatment, stable condition, blood inosine maintained at a relatively stable level. Mr. Li's wife heard often drink bone soup calcium is good for health, low calcium in patients with chronic renal failure, so often buy some pork soup to drink Mr. li. Recently, Mr. Lee to the hospital for a test, not only failed to correct low calcium, and blood creatinine increased, so much joy? Kidney damage aggravated. The original chronic renal failure patients with calcium and phosphorus metabolic disorders, manifested as low calcium hyperphosphatemia. Nausea, poor appetite, eating less and other diseases caused by the disadvantages of calcium intake.
At the same time, due to gastrointestinal function affected and hyperparathyroidism, the decrease in the intestinal absorption of calcium, the patient often presents with low calcium, at the same time, due to injury of renal function, the ability of phosphorus from the treatment, and endocrine disorders, so patients have high phosphorus status. Bone soup contains more phosphorus, drink bone soup contains more phosphorus, drink bone soup intake of a large number of phosphorus, resulting in phosphorus accumulation in the body, increased hyperphosphatemia. Practice has proved that drinking bone soup not only can not improve the lack of calcium, but also due to elevated serum phosphorus and accelerate renal damage. And how to use low phosphorus can delay renal dysfunction caused by secondary.
Hunger therapy protects kidney function
Patients with chronic renal insufficiency with emphasis on quality of low PRO matter how to do at the same time, to ensure adequate supply of heat, to ensure that the body has an adequate supply of energy, reduce the decomposition of endogenous PRO quality, thereby reducing azotemia. They use sugar as an important source of heat supply, the majority of patients with chronic renal insufficiency should alleviate daily staple food in 250-300 grams, try to use starch, lotus root starch, sweet potato, starch, honey, sugar, vegetable oil instead of part of the staple food with rice, flour, etc.. In clinical due to chronic renal insufficiency patients how to do too much emphasis, and the patient to animal PRO quality misunderstanding, and some patients take the so-called hunger therapy". Because staple food and animal PRO quality are over limited, patients tend to malnutrition.
Due to chronic renal failure with malnutrition is a common phenomenon, coupled with hunger therapy, exacerbating malnutrition, resulting in decreased body resistance and low PRO azotemia and easy, with inflammation, aggravating illness, cause the deterioration of renal function.

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