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Accelerated nephritis of elderly people need to do inspectio

Dec 31, 2016
1. The urine routine inspection is a large number of red blood cells or with the naked eye hematuria, common tube type of red blood cells and a small or moderate amount of protein.White blood cells in urine also increased (> 30000 / ml), often for neutrophils and monocytes, auxiliary and weak T cells.Urine specific gravity is generally not reduced.
2. Often a severe anemia, sometimes there is a microvascular disease hemolytic anemia.Sometimes associated with increased white blood cells and platelets, together with the C - reactive protein positive existence indicates that acute inflammation.
3. Increased blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, are progressive.Basement membrane resistance, complement component in basic, normal immune complex type complement components.Basement membrane resistance, early onset of the patients, the blood of basement membrane antibody positive.Application people glomerular basement membrane antigen for determination of free, in patients with early type Ⅰ positive rate can reach more than 95%, antibody to IgG, IgA antibodies with occasional report.In patients with immune complex type circulating immune complex and cold globulin is hematic disease.Anti neutrophil cytoplasm antibodies (ANCA) associated with small vasculitis type RPGN closely.
Class 4. Immunoglobulin IgG ANCA in 75% ~ 75% of ANCA associated radical nephritis patients found that P - ANCA, see more C - ANCA is less.Serological examination is useful for the differential diagnosis of diseases, different causes can appear some specific positive results, such as DNA, IgA, fiber connection resistance protein, hemolysis, thrombocytopenia, ASO rise, etc.
Abdominal plain film and kidney ultrasound examination can be found enlarged kidneys or normal size and contour neat, but skin, medulla boundary is not clear (associated with renal edema).

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