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Children with acute chronic renal insufficiency

Dec 25, 2016
Acute and chronic renal insufficiency is composed of a variety of diseases from the two kidney function in the short term (hours to weeks) decreased rapidly, following the treatment of glomerular filtration function to normal value 50%, blood nitrogen and blood inosine increased rapidly, and caused the loss of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance and early acute uremia stage performance.
Early this morning, the emergency room came to a 8 year old boy Li Ming (a pseudonym). At the reception situation, let us have these parents doctor shocking.
Because there is no complete assignments on time, Li Ming was covered with wooden handle with mother's broom, from 9 points last night has been hit 12. This morning, the mother woke up, grew more and more gas, Li Ming is a beat, hit the lower half of his body from the hips to the calf purple into one, face and body like so much? Multiple injuries, not normal urination, it hurriedly sent to hospital.
After testing, testing for acute and chronic renal insufficiency, hearing the test, Li Ming's mother bawler, she said her husband went abroad 3 years later, mercilessly abandoned their mother and son, and another woman married. Therefore, in order to gamble her breath, to cultivate his son than his father promising. Which know, the child will not let her worry, and became a homely food. She knew the children head, and other key parts of the body can not play, we need the hips and legs and other "non critical parts", but that is the point of pain, did not think it would cause such serious consequences.
Parents hit children in the country is not new, but the child became acute chronic renal dysfunction is very rare. The child's body is in a strong growth phase, all the organs and tissues of the body is very frail, vulnerable to injury, could not resist long time blow. A child is likely to cause physical disability, not only damaged the muscles and bones, but also easily cause visceral injury, health will have a very negative impact on children's physical and mental. Due to being hit by acute and chronic renal insufficiency is a typical example.
The kidney is a solid organ located on both sides of the retroperitoneal spine. Its size, adult about ll cm. 12 cm, width of 5 cm ~ ~ 6 cm, a thickness of 3 cm a cm, slightly smaller than the clenched fist, each weighing about one gram of 4 grams of a gram of about 180 grams (1 grams), a total of about 120 grams. The kidney is the main excretory organ, which has the functions of generating urine, excreting metabolic waste, toxicant and medicine, and keeping the internal and external environment stable, making the metabolism normal.
Acute chronic renal insufficiency referred to acute renal insufficiency is caused by various diseases caused by double. The renal function in the short term (hours to weeks) decreased rapidly, following the treatment of glomerular filtration function to normal value 50%, blood nitrogen and blood inosine increased rapidly, and caused the water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders and acute uremia early stage performance. Normally, kidneys discharge about 1.5 liters of urine per day. When chronic renal insufficiency, the daily discharge of urine less than 400 ml, known as oliguria; if less than 100 ml, known as non urine. Li Ming was beaten because of long time, formed a large area of tissue congestion, hip and leg vascular rupture. Bleeding and plasma exudation, caused by a decrease in circulating volume, after a series of reactions caused by renal hypoxia and ischemia, leading to renal tubular necrosis. At the same time, Li Ming was in the body of skeletal muscle after fracture, beaten dissolved and damaged, and a lot of red muscle and PRO muscle breakdown products, precipitation and obstruction of the renal tubules, coupled with the advantages of toxic red muscle PRO itself, leading to acute tubular necrosis, the formation of acute renal insufficiency. Therefore, Li Ming acute renal insufficiency disease incidence, in the final analysis is his mother "stick education" caused by extrusion syndrome.
Li Ming due to crush syndrome leading to acute tubular necrosis, in vivo metabolic wastes cannot be urine excreted, the waste and toxins in the blood accumulation, resulting in systemic poisoning and acute renal dysfunction, not normal urination, resulting in little or no urine, The new supersedes the old. can not be carried out, it's like a no product for the factory, will eventually collapse and bankruptcy. Therefore, if not timely solve this problem, the child's life is on the verge of death or destruction.
Fortunately, the doctor promptly gave Li Ming blood purification treatment, Li Ming eventually out of danger. Blood purification also known as artificial kidney, is an alternative therapy. The blood excreted by power, through a semipermeable membrane, remove metabolic waste and toxins in the blood, then back to the body, to achieve internal and external environment of stability, maintain the normal The new supersedes the old. Advances in medicine, the invention does not let drug blood coagulation, so it can be the drug to maintain smooth blood circulation, make the kidney function in vitro as made in urine.
Acute renal insufficiency such as early testing, rescue in time, the renal function can be fully restored, such as delayed treatment can be fatal. Some cases of severe, persistent, often can not be completely restored to normal renal function. Left chronic renal insufficiency or must rely on long-term blood purification therapy to maintain life. The blood of blood purification therapy is the best treatment for acute renal tubular necrosis induced by acute renal insufficiency, not only can reduce heart failure, hyperkalemia, inflammation and hemorrhage of upper digestive tract complications, but also conducive to the improvement and rehabilitation of renal function.
As doctors and parents, we hope that all the young parents, try to improve their own quality, don't put the weak child as air Jane himself, don't treat the child as compared with others in the capital. The child is a child, good nature, parents should abandon the "fight it" the old saying. Wish Li Ming's tragedy never repeats itself

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