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What are the main ways to treat chronic renal failure?

Chronic renal failure is a clinical syndrome caused by a variety of causes, is due to renal circulation failure or renal tubular changes, and caused by a sudden loss of renal function is completely lost, so the kidney can not rule ...Read More


Chinese medicine enema in the end can cure chronic renal failure?

There are many ways to treat kidney failure, of which traditional Chinese medicine enema is a better one, but for many patients do not understand this happen, if the patients with this method of treatment, the treatment time will b ...Read More


how kidney failure causes edema

For renal failure must have no stranger, kidney failure is the kidney problems, and lead to. So, we all know that renal failure will make some patients with edema symptoms? Today, experts together to understand how the kidney failu ...Read More


kidney failure will cause nausea

Many people think that nausea and vomiting is a general gastrointestinal problems, but many patients with renal failure will be anorexia, nausea, vomiting, weakness and other clinical symptoms. Why is this phenomenon? Here to liste ...Read More


Long-term look fleshy vigilance is kidney failure

Our experts said that some people consciously the body has always been healthy, but when they appear obvious symptoms, to the hospital a check, was diagnosed with uremia, but also accompanied by serious complications. In fact, most ...Read More


Manifestations of acute renal failure in children

When the volume of the blood is filled or given the diuretic, there is still no proper amount of urine to be discharged, but the intake of liquid should be strictly limited. In addition to excessive retention of water in the body, ...Read More


What is the difference between renal failure and uremia

We must understand these diseases clearly, in the care of patients we should understand these issues,What is the difference between renal failure and uremia? What is the difference between hematuria and uremia? ...Read More


Chronic kidney failure diet how to adjust better

What should patients with chronic renal failure do? Even if there is chronic renal failure, patients do not need to worry, experts point out that when people are getting older, when suffering from various diseases, is very normal, ...Read More


Dietary regulation of patients with chronic renal failure

The key to dietary regulation in patients with chronic renal failure is to minimize the intake of protein in order to minimize the burden on the kidneys, and on the other hand, to ensure that the bodys demand for protein on the gen ...Read More


Renal failure patients diet five note

Low protein diet: mainly to high-quality protein, wheat starch is often used as the main source of heat. Corn starch can also be used to replace rice and flour. Second, can also be used with high calorie, low protein food as the ma ...Read More


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