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Renal failure can be treated with stem cells

Kidney is a very important part of our body, determines our health, a persons kidney if there is a problem, then many diseases will begin to appear, and kidney failure is such a disease, suffering from the disease The patients dise ...Read More


neonatal renal failure  - etiology

Neonatal birth and postnatal birth risk factors can cause acute renal failure (ARF). According to the nature and location of renal damage, can be pided into prenatal, neonatal renal failure : 1. Renal neonatal period can make hea ...Read More


What is a good way to prevent uremic prevention in the elderly

There are many people to consult us, the elderly uremia prevention generally what? Today, experts invited us to introduce a brief about it! Some patients often have abnormal urine, swelling, fatigue, cramps or muscle tremors, heada ...Read More


How does kidney failure appear disgusting and vomiting symptom to do?

Endstage renal failure , namely uremia period, kidney fibrosis gradually, resulting in the number of renal function units decreased gradually, metabolism of toxic substances such as uric acid, creatinine and urea accumulation in ur ...Read More


Will renal failure cause nausea or vomiting

Many people leave messages that about why does kidney failure have symptom of nausea? but many patients with renal failure will be anorexia, nausea, vomiting, weakness and other clinical symptoms. Why is this phenomenon? Here to li ...Read More


Chronic renal failure

Chronic kidney failure is inherited? Answer this question or have to first find out why the cause of chronic renal failure? Experts said that there are many causes of chronic renal failure, the following to tell you under what caus ...Read More


Chronic renal failure patients diet attention

Reasonable diet is particularly important for patients with chronic renal failure. Human body metabolism of waste mainly by renal excretion, due to chronic renal failure in patients with renal function damage is progressive and irr ...Read More


Introduction to renal failure

Kidney failure for us is still very serious disease, I believe we understand the kidney failure is also very little! What is the disease of kidney failure? Many patients do not understand, for the treatment of renal failure, diet, ...Read More


Diagnostic criteria for acute renal failure

What is the diagnostic criteria for acute renal function ? Acute renal failure is mainly caused by a variety of causes, so that the loss of kidney function serious acid-base balance, resulting in kidney damage, then the emergence o ...Read More


What fruit does kidney failure eat to be good?

Suffer from kidney failure, eat what fruit good? As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.. Common sense tells us that eating more fruit is good for our health. However, patients suffering from kidney failure is not ...Read More


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