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How to solve the diet of diabetic nephropathy

Jun 12, 2017


For diabetic patients, the symptoms of the disease are painful. In the early stages of diabetes, you will feel hungry. However, body weight is a downward trend. Let a person think of its solution. Some people do a blood test to see the value of blood sugar is soaring. Then he found himself suffering from diabetes. Many complications of diabetes. There are diabetic nephropathy. How to solve diabetic nephropathy diet? Look together.

Steps / methods:

1 diabetic nephropathy diet needs to be done slowly. At this time, the patient can eat some food to protect the kidneys. You can eat foods rich in vitamin A, Chinese wolfberry, can put together to eat pork and medlar stew. The patient can eat meat soup.

2 if the patient has diabetes, then you need to eat some light nutritious food. At this time, do not casually eat some candy, as well as chocolate. And, of course, don't eat the cake. Cake sugar is actually a lot of.

3 if you want to get rid of the disease, so patients avoid fishy volatiles. It is better for people to eat light food at this time. This time can not casually to eat fish and eels. These foods tend to make the symptoms of inflammation of the body more and more serious.

Matters needing attention:

Diabetic complications, including diabetic nephropathy. Not only need to cooperate with treatment. And check the daily diet of diabetic nephropathy needs to be light and nutritious. Do not eat volatiles.


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