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Preventive measures of diabetic nephropathy

May 06, 2017

My uncle often attends social dinners, his body is too fat, recently  he felt uncomfortable and went to the hospital to check, the doctor said uncle is suffering from diabetic nephropathy which  needed treatment, he must pay attention to maintenance in life , now he body has got much better after medical treatment.
Diabetic nephropathy is a common type of diabetic complications, also shows that the patient has systemic microvascular lesions. In order to prevent the occurrence of this situation, patients must always pay attention to their own urinary system, try to avoid the occurrence of infection symptoms.
In order to diabetic patients with diabetic nephropathy, patients usually have to pay attention to control the supply of their own protein, in the protein supplement, it is best to choose the kind of high-quality animal protein supplement.
Diabetic nephropathy patients in peacetime should pay attention to control blood pressure and blood sugar, usually diet keep to maintain light food in order to stabilize their blood pressure, and the control of blood sugar can maintain the stability of their disease.
Matters needing attention:Diabetic nephropathy is not a minor illness, the emergence of such diseases should  timely get medical treatment.

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