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Drinking do great benefits to patients with diabetic nephropathy

Jun 14, 2017

Tongshantang experts pointed out, the lowest risk for moderate drinkers of diabetes, a higher risk of not drinking or excessive drinkers diabetes. Compared with non drinkers, daily drinking between 1 and 3 cups reduced the risk of diabetes by 33%-56%. Compared with moderate drinkers, the incidence of diabetes increased by 43% compared to moderate drinkers who drank more than 3 cups a day.
Most diabetic nephropathy patients can drink moderately. However, in order to smooth blood sugar, people who like to drink should be aware of the following knowledge.
A good drinking in patients with diabetic nephropathy
1) drink some healthy snacks when you are drunk. If you sleep a few hours to drink some wine, please fast check blood sugar. Alcohol has been shown to reduce blood sugar. If your blood sugar is too low, you can have some snacks to relieve it.
2) do not make love when drinking. Alcohol and sexual life both lower blood sugar. The combination of the two will reduce blood sugar to a very low risk state.
3) check the medication before you drink. Diabetic nephropathy patients who like to drink should pay attention to the time, fasting or after meal, and check whether the drugs are contraindicated or not, or consult a doctor directly.
4) when your blood sugar is low, drink a glass of white wine or beer. Experts said that if blood sugar levels rise and fall, alcohol can easily cause hypoglycemia in diabetic nephropathy, and blood sugar can be more difficult to control.
5) have something to drink. It's not a good idea to drink before meals for people who are taking insulin or taking other medications. Fasting blood sugar is relatively low, drink will make it worse.
6) sometimes dessert is better than wine. It is easy to ignore that wine is also a high calorie drink. Although normal blood glucose patients can drink, but should pay attention to food intake. A glass of white wine (about 148 milliliters) contains 120 calories of energy. If you're counting calories, you have to weigh wine or dessert. If you're taking insulin, you'd better not drink, because the insulin dose is calculated according to the carbohydrate intake.

Drinking do great benefits to patients with diabetic nephropathy

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