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Can diabetic eat kelp?

Jun 14, 2017

Tongshantang experts said if you want to know the answer to this question, but also the first from the nutritional value of kelp, starting from its nutritional value.
Kelp is rich in carbohydrates, less protein and fat. Kelp and spinach compared to, rape, in addition to containing vitamin C, its crude protein, sugar, calcium, iron content is several times to several times. Kelp is rich in calcium, can prevent human body calcium deficiency. Kelp is a kind of high iodine content of algae. Kelp iodine content 3% ~ 5%, up to 7% ~ 10% more.
Because the iodine in the kelp is very rich, it is the main raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine in the body, and the luster of the hair is due to the role of thyroid hormone in vivo and formed. Iodine can stimulate the pituitary, so that the female estrogen levels in the body to reduce, restore the normal function of the ovary, endocrine disorders, and eliminate the risk of breast hyperplasia.
Mannitol - dioxide rime like kelp are usually attached, it is a kind of precious medicinal material. Modern scientific research has proved that mannitol can reduce blood pressure, diuresis and swelling. Kelp contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA, which can reduce blood viscosity and reduce blood vessel sclerosis. Therefore, often eating kelp can prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the gum contained in kelp can promote the body's radioactive substances excreted with the stool, so as to reduce the accumulation of radioactive substances in the human body, but also reduces the incidence of radioactive diseases.
Kelp can prevent diabetes, fucoidin from kelp contains 60%, is an excellent food fiber, diabetics, delayed gastric emptying and food through the small intestine, so, even in the case of the reduction in insulin secretion, blood glucose levels are not increased, and achieve the purpose of treatment of diabetes. Kelp contains ammonia in kelp acid,which is a kind of special amino acid, it has the effect of lowering blood pressure, prevent hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage. Eating kelp can reduce hunger and absorb a variety of amino acids and inorganic salts. It is an ideal satiety agent for diabetics to lose weight.
In addition, kelp contains a substance called sulfated polysaccharides that can absorb cholesterol from blood vessels and expel them from the bloodstream, keeping cholesterol levels in the blood normal. It can reduce the risk of complications in diabetics. At the same time, kelp has a special affinity for radioactive substances, and the gum in kelp can promote the discharge of radioactive substances from the body and reduce the occurrence of radioactive diseases.

Can diabetic eat kelp?

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