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Get away from diabetic nephropathy in healthy life

Jun 15, 2017

Not overeating, regular life, to eat slowly, eat more vegetables, as much as possible in a short period of time to eat a large amount of glucose and sucrose containing foods, this can prevent blood sugar rise rapidly in a short period of time, to help protect the pancreas function, especially with family history of diabetes remember of friends!
Sexual life is regular, preventing infectious diseases; don't eat too much antibiotics. Some viral infections and excessive antibiotics can cause diabetes.
Glucose tolerance is not normal or have a family history of diabetes friends can prevent diabetes in maximum: eat each year three months, Vb1, Vb6, nicotinamide methyl Vb12 (Methycobal) improves pancreatic function; eat half a month of Vc and Ve in the seasons, larger doses, to improve their own immunity, free radical scavenging. You can also take Vb12 two times a year, two times a week, one day a day. It's economical!
Take more exercise and stay up late.
Diabetes mellitus is a common and frequently occurring disease. In China, there are about 2000-3000 diabetic patients. So far, the disease is a disease that can not be cured but can be well controlled. If the physician under the guidance of the correct application of three kinds of basic therapy now, comprehensive therapy including diet, exercise, drugs, and lifelong treatment, most patients can be like a normal life, work and care. Diabetic patients should learn the knowledge of self health care, active prevention, chronic complications, avoid disability and death, from epidemiological data, if the control of fasting blood glucose (130mg/dl), "7.2mmol/L" 8.9mmol/L postprandial blood glucose (160mg/dl), glycosylated hemoglobin, 8% rare complications, is also delaying its effective measures of treatment.
Tongshantang experts remind patients must strictly control high blood glucose, adherence to treatment compliance principle, is the fundamental guarantee for treatment of diabetes, not partial to believe, the society's "Youyi" so-called " cure diabetes" fallacy. If there is any problem, or around the other patients with kidney disease are similar to the disease, it is recommended to submit the patient's case data, so that Beijing Tongshantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts with specific conditions to give you detailed guidance and analysis.

Get away from diabetic nephropathy in healthy life

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