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To prevent diabetic nephropathy, you have to eat it and eat it too

Jun 24, 2017

1, food persity, mainly grain. Eat at least 20 kinds of food a day, and you'd better eat 30 kinds. In order to promote digestion, can eat congee, and a few hours ahead of time will produce bubble.

2, three meals should be reasonable distribution, snacks should be appropriate. If you pide the food into 10 portions a day, the ratio of early, middle, and dinner to science is 3:4:3 or 4:4:2 or 4:3:3. It is recommended to snack on fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products and nuts.

3, less oil, less salt. Eating oil, the Chinese people have two major problems, first, excessive intake. Each person's daily intake of oil is more than 50 grams, much higher than the recommended value of 25~30 grams; two, the type of oil is not selected right. Camellia seed oil, olive oil, linseed oil and perilla oil are recommended. Some kinds of oil tankers are changed to eat.

4, every day to eat milk, soy or its products. Milk is called "full nutrition food", it can supply most nutrients needed by our body, and its biggest nutritional contribution is calcium supplementation.

5, drink plenty of water every day, drink a reasonable choice. Adults should drink at least 1600 milliliters of water a day, that is, 8 regular glasses. Drink plenty of boiled water, light tea, lemonade.

6, eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes. These three kinds of food have a few in common, one is rich in dietary fiber.

Remind tongshantang kidney specialist, please don't eat the stomach at dietary fiber diet, to health and longevity, also return to a healthy diet, the above six points, we must pay attention to.

   To prevent diabetic nephropathy, you have to eat it and eat it too

 To prevent diabetic nephropathy, you have to eat it and eat it too


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