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What to do when patients get diabetes?

Jun 25, 2017

Diabetes is not terrible, its complications are terrible.

Blood sugar must be controlled, and every six months to do a comprehensive physical examination to prevent complications.

Remember that diabetes itself is not terrible, as long as the blood sugar control is strictly and properly, still can have a normal life, but the premise is to prevent complications, blood glucose control + prevention of complications is the key.

To regular hospital, regular diabetes specialist treatment. Patients who were diagnosed with diabetes for the first time were able to follow up at a community health service center after determining the treatment regimen and stable condition. But the best year to the regular diabetes specialist treatment 1 to 2 times, and accept a more comprehensive examination.

Learn to communicate and communicate with your diabetes doctor. This can avoid spending a lot of money, pumping a lot of blood, buy a lot of medicine, treatment is not up to the problem. Economic conditions allow patients to buy a blood glucose meter. Self-monitoring of blood glucose is an effective means of understanding blood glucose changes.

Learn to remember Diabetes Diet.

Simply remember your daily diet, activity, regular blood sugar. Can be measured 4 times a day blood sugar (such as breakfast, after breakfast, before dinner, before going to bed), and then analyze the reasons for elevated blood sugar, such as with their own laws of life have anything to do, what they eat will cause blood sugar. Know how much the dose of your medication is. If you really can not remember, you can bring their own medicine to the hospital to see the doctor.

Regular visit to the hospital. In the case of normal blood sugar, it is recommended to see a disease a month later.

What to do when patients get diabetes?

What to do when patients get diabetes




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