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Diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy from skin condition

Nov 02, 2017

The skin is the same and the kidneys are our body's metabolic tissue, they have some degree of contact, so we can diagnose the skin to observe the diabetic nephropathy.

Patients can be based on erythema appear on the skin for the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy patients generally have traumatic blisters. The wall is very thin, which contains a transparent slurry, the bubble around the no red halo. Under normal circumstances erythema long in the fingers, toes, hands and feet on the back or bottom edge, can be a single or multiple appear in a few weeks can be self-healing, but will be repeated.

Diabetic nephropathy patients will generally be the condition of skin itching

A lot of patients with diabetic nephropathy will appear systemic or local dry skin scaling, itchy unbearable. Especially female patients with vaginal itching so the patient should pay more attention.

Patients can diagnose diabetic nephropathy by daily sweating

Diabetic nephropathy patients will generally appear sweating abnormal situation, and for the patients themselves, through this point to the diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy, often occur for no reason sweating, and more common in the upper limbs or trunk, and some patients Even the phenomenon of sweating.

Neck folliculitis

Can appear in the posterior neck pillow pus head prickly heat, tenderness, and can develop into a boil or cellulitis. Pus discharge can be self-healing, but soon after the recurrence.

Foot gangrene

Patients can often occur foot pain, warm sleep disappeared, dry and easy to crack, prone to ulcers, suppurative, necrosis, and difficult to heal, or even foot perforation occurred.

Finally, to remind everyone that the skin appears to have some of the time is not a simple skin disease, we can not simply look at this problem, if abnormal skin disease or symptoms, we must promptly to the hospital, including blood tests , Urine test, diagnosis and elimination of diabetic nephropathy is a top priority.

Diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy from skin condition

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