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Diabetic nephropathy diet should be how to control protein intake?

Nov 04, 2017

Diabetes treatment experts suggest that people with diabetes need to be highly vigilant about diabetic nephropathy. From the beginning, self-care and self-protection should be strengthened. In particular, diet should be taken to relieve kidney pressure. Therefore, diabetic nephropathy should learn to control protein intake.

Diabetic nephropathy diet principle

High-quality low-protein diet. High quality protein including milk, egg protein, fish protein, lean protein and so on. Plant protein, such as soy products, daily bread, rice contains protein, should be limited, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Diabetic nephropathy diet should also pay attention to high calcium and phosphorus. High-calcium foods are often high-phosphorus, such as animal brain and internal organs, ribs, shrimp, Zhuanggufen certainly high phosphorus, should not eat. At the same time, proper supplementation of cellulose, vitamins, corn and other coarse grains can be eaten, as well as vegetables, fruits and so on.

Diabetic nephropathy diet requirements

Blood glucose control is crucial. Blood sugar continued to rise, will induce fat cholesterol metabolism, promote glomerular. Renal capillary intimal thickening and hardening degeneration, so that loss of normal function. The key to control blood sugar: First, strictly limit the heat intake, and second, insist on taking hypoglycemic drugs, and third, to avoid agitation, infection and other factors that can cause fluctuations in blood glucose.

Salt intake should be limited. In order to protect the kidneys and reduce their workload, diabetic patients should be as light as possible some of the dishes, salt intake should be less than 7 grams per day, severe renal failure should also limit the intake of water.

Appropriate restrictions on dietary potassium and protein intake. Because of diabetic nephropathy prone to acidosis and hyperkalemia, if it occurs, will induce arrhythmias and hepatic coma, therefore, should be controlled potassium-containing beverages, potassium intake of protein c protein should be controlled at 0.6- 0.8 grams, and digestible fish, lean better, because the plant protein is not easy to absorb, will increase the burden on the kidneys. In addition, the high potassium protein, protein intake control to a certain extent also limited potassium.

Adequate intake of vitamins, trace elements. In particular, vitamin B, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, iron, etc., can play a protective role on the kidneys. Kingway in the trace elements and more, the proportion of appropriate, easy to take, one day can be. Vitamin E is available daily to 11 international units, vitamin C 0.3 grams per day, their amount slightly larger anyway.

Diabetic nephropathy diet should be how to control protein intake?

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