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How to control the recurrence rate of diabetic nephropathy?

Nov 12, 2017

Diabetes easily lead to kidney disease, causing diabetic nephropathy. In recent years, the number of people suffering from diabetes is rapidly rising, so the number of patients with diabetic nephropathy is also on the rise. Since blood sugar is not easy to control, most diabetic patients are prone to recurrence of diabetic nephropathy after treatment and frequent recurrences, resulting in endless distress, mental stress and personal health impairment.

Work and rest should be moderate: early should encourage minor exercise, such as playing Tai Chi, walking and so on. Avoid heavy manual labor and rapid exercise; late illness is more serious, should increase bed rest time, bed rest is conducive to improving renal blood flow.

Diet regain: diabetic nephropathy mostly due to elevated blood glucose caused by renal dysfunction and diabetic nephropathy, so in daily diet should pay attention to the intake of sugar, try to keep sugar-free, less sugar diet guidelines; Warming products, soup should be hot, can enhance the strength of diet, daily sugar, the amount of protein to pay close attention to, at the same time, use of insulin in diabetic nephropathy to control blood sugar injection method and dose, to avoid skin infections and hypoglycemia occur. Diet should eat the protection of the kidney food.

Avoid infection, flu: Exogenous not only caused by diabetic nephropathy in patients with blood glucose fluctuations and increased renal damage further damage, resulting in high blood pressure, increased proteinuria. Therefore, to prevent colds; to prevent colds first of all to keep the room fresh air, regular ventilation, remove the indoor filth of gas.

Second, be careful living, avoid cold and heat. Spring and summer season, the weather turns from warm to warm winter, do not take off the cotton pad too early to develop the habit of getting up early and getting up early and doing more outdoor activities to enhance the body's ability to adapt. Autumn and winter, the climate turns cooler, should be warm and cold, go to bed early and late, conform to four changes. In the flu period, to avoid public places, to avoid patient contact.

Maintain a good mood: Patients with diabetic nephropathy to avoid the dramatic fluctuations in mood, patients should maintain a broad-minded case of optimism. Patients with this disease have varying degrees of depression and anxiety, because they more or less hear the disease will eventually develop into renal failure, and varying degrees of anxiety. Doctors to explain the patient's condition, knowing it harm, in order to reduce the psychological burden, emotional stability, establish self-confidence to overcome the disease, the treatment of diabetic nephropathy have great benefits.

How to control the recurrence rate of diabetic nephropathy?

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