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Diabetic heart failure renal failure late symptoms

Polyuria is one of the late symptoms of diabetic heart failure Polyuria is due to high blood sugar, more than the renal glucose threshold (8.89 ~ 10.0mmol / L), the glomerular filtered glucose can not be completely reabsorbed by th ...Read More


How can children's diabetes be treated for life?

1, the correct treatment of kidney disease, have a good attitude, establish the confidence to overcome the disease. 2, active prevention and treatment of colds, kidney disease patients are hidden type, which is due to lower immune ...Read More


Diabetic patients prone to hypoglycemia at night five most prone to unexpected accidents

Life in a variety of accidental injuries, may bring unpredictable disaster. At this point, the importance of first aid will be highlighted. Many people think that the accident is sudden, can not find the law can not prevent, but in ...Read More


What are the symptoms of diabetes-induced nephropathy?

We all know that diabetes is not terrible terrible is due to complications caused by diabetes, these complications tend to cause life-threatening diabetes patients. Today, I would like to introduce the symptoms of diabetes caused b ...Read More


Causes of Abnormal Blood Pressure Rhythm in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy, the development process is slow, once the clinical kidney damage, that is, persistent proteinuria, the course has been difficult to reverse, often progressive development to renal failure. Diabetic nephropathy ...Read More


Renal abnormalities are the leading cause of diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is no stranger to every diabetic patient. The most worrying thing is that they are suffering from the disease. This is a disease that has a considerable impact on our normal life. We must pay more attention. Wh ...Read More


What is the cause of diabetic nephropathy

What is diabetes mellitus? What is caused by it? This is a lot of patients are very want to know the problem, the following we let experts to answer what is diabetic nephropathy, and what is caused by? The following three points to ...Read More


What are the early symptoms of diabetic nephropathy?

For the early symptoms of diabetic nephropathy have what performance, we should not be very clear it! We can only understand their own symptoms can be early detection and early treatment. Then ask the experts for a brief introducti ...Read More


Patients with diabetic nephropathy should eat more of these foods

Squash Cold and sweet in nature. The Chinese medicine thinks the gourd gourd enters the lung. The stomach. The kidney has diuresis, Chufan thirst, lungs and cough, detumescence function. Can be used to assist in the treatment of di ...Read More


Analysis of clinical manifestation of diabetic nephropathy

Diabetic nephropathy is caused by diabetic nephropathy due to disorders of glucose metabolism, which leads to glomerular and renal tubular sclerosis. Its high incidence is one of the most important causes of death in diabetics. Dia ...Read More


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