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Diabetic nephropathy patients can eat what fruits and vegetables

Some people say that the fruit because of the high sugar content, so diabetic patients to avoid eating fruit or eat, in fact, this is wrong, completely avoid the fruit is not appropriate, because the fruit contains a lot of vitamin ...Read More


Can Diabetic Nephrotic Patients drink alcohol?

Some patients suffering from diabetic nephropathy, the diet is still not taboo, drinking on diabetic nephropathy control adverse. This is because the one hand, alcohol damage the human pancreas, so that the body of insulin in a sho ...Read More


Diabetic nephropathy in 5 staging

The first phase: the performance of the kidney volume increases, B ultrasound found that the kidney volume increased by 25%. Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) increased (with isotope and other methods), more than 120 ml minutes, or ...Read More


Why some patients in the course of treatment but also to do kidney biopsy?

Some patients in the course of treatment may need to repeat renal biopsy, especially in the treatment effect is not ideal, sudden deterioration of renal function, or lupus recurrence of patients, often need to repeat renal biopsy, ...Read More


Diabetic nephropathy has three major errors

Diabetic nephropathy pathogenesis is very complex, diabetic nephropathy will be a serious threat to the lives of patients with health, life, people do not ignore the injury, diabetic nephropathy patients should pay attention to tre ...Read More


"Sugar friends" should bear in mind the four principles

1. sugar friends to keep in mind three standards: fasting blood glucose does not exceed 7.0 mmol / liter, postprandial blood glucose does not exceed 10.0 mmol / liter, glycosylated hemoglobin no more than 7%. In addition to strict ...Read More


Attention to the screening of diabetic nephropathy

With the increase of the population base of diabetes mellitus, the number of complications caused by diabetes is increasing year by year. Chronic complications of diabetes have become a killer of human health. Screening for type 2 ...Read More


How does diabetic kidney anaemia treat with diet?

Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic nephropathy, blood deficiency syndrome has accumulated rich experience. We treat blood deficiency syndrome in clinic, emphasizing the syndrome differentiation, closely linked to the disease pa ...Read More


Diabetic nephropathy dietary principles and taboos

Unfortunately, as a diabetic nephropathy, attention to diabetic nephropathy diet will become an important part of life. It is suggested that the diabetic friends and the diet notes of diabetic nephropathy have certain help to the p ...Read More


How should diabetic nephropathy be prevented?

Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a common complication of diabetes, is one of the manifestations of systemic microvascular disease in diabetes mellitus. The kidney is mainly composed of capillary delegations, and the high blood glucose ...Read More


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