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Daily nursing for patients with polycystic kidney disease

May 08, 2017

Polycystic kidney disease is a chronic hereditary nephropathy, and cysts grow with age, the final squeeze around the kidney tissue, leading to renal failure. And polycystic kidney disease caused by chronic renal failure and uremia incubation period is very long, often hidden from the onset, difficult to detect. Treatment of polycystic kidney disease is very important, but polycystic kidney health is equally important. I believe we do not want to spend time in the hospital, so do a good job in the daily nursing, away from the disease.

Daily nursing should pay particular attention to the following: to prevent the prevention of traumatic polycystic kidney cysts continue to swell, will lead to cysts within the pressure increased, forcing the patient's kidneys are increasing, increased intra-abdominal pressure. If at this time any slight trauma, such as sprains, bruises, falls, etc. will increase the abdominal pressure or external injury directly to the impact of swelling of the cyst, with high internal pressure to promote the rupture of the cyst, bleeding Induced infection. Control the blood pressure. Most of the polycystic kidney disease in patients with renal impairment before the emergence of high blood pressure, the emergence of high blood pressure will accelerate the damage of renal function, while high blood pressure will be on the heart, cerebral vascular damage, will Polycystic kidney disease associated with cerebrovascular rupture caused by stroke and other serious complications, so the control of blood pressure to delay the deterioration of renal function, to prevent complications is essential. Control the diet, control all the food into the body of polycystic kidney disease in patients with a reasonable diet to control the progress of deterioration of renal function is very important. Expert recommend patients and patients with family members pay attention to the use of low-salt diet 2 to 3 grams per day is appropriate, eat less potassium, phosphorus, diet, low protein, low fat diet, eat more rich in vitamins and plant crude fiber Diet, keep stool smooth.

Polycystic kidney disease have a good daily nursing to improve the burden of kidney metabolism, reduce the number of patients with polycystic kidney disease, to avoid the disease or continue to increase recurrence of polycystic kidney disease.

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