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Inheritance of polycystic kidney disease

May 02, 2017

As we all know, polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, according to genetic characteristics are pided into two categories:autosomal dominant inheritance (ADPKD) and autosomal recessive hereditary polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) . For autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, parents of one sick, the child's genetic probability is 1/2. Most genetic diseases are caused by genetic mutations, polycystic kidney is not a exception.

Polycystic kidney gene mutation in the population of the primary mutation rate of 1 / 3000-1 / 5000 or so. If you do not consider the genetic factors, every 3000-5000 people will have a polycystic kidney disease. Why are there so many patients with polycystic kidney disease? It is because we have no effective control of genetic, polycystic kidney disease in patients with genetic mutation sites continue to be inherited to the next generation, resulting in polycystic kidney family aggregation. Some polycystic kidney large family across 4-5 generations, the whole group of about 40 people have more than 20 patients with polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease gene mutation in the whole family continue to spread, become the lingering pain. On the inheritance of polycystic kidney disease, due to the lack of relevant knowledge, many of our polycystic kidney disease there are a lot of misunderstanding. Common are the following: 1. Polycystic kidney genetic probability is very low, I have seen a cystic kidney patients, people are two children are healthy. 2. The heritability of polycystic kidney disease is 100%, I have seen several patients with polycystic kidney disease, their children have polycystic kidney disease 3. I have a few children, there will always be a healthy one. 4. Do not worry about genetic problems, and so my child polycystic kidney disease, maybe medical progress polycystic kidney can cure it .

Let expert physician for you a simple analysis of the above several views of the errors: the first, one-sided view of polycystic kidney heredity, only to see a polycystic kidney disease in two children is healthy, no See maybe another polycystic kidney disease in two children have polycystic kidney disease, the probability of both are not low, are 1/4. We can not alone to know the case to determine the genetic probability of polycystic kidney disease to partial general. The second, the same experience alone on their own polycystic kidney disease conclusion, very unscientific. Third, this idea is very terrible, one is irresponsible to future generations, the second is very easy to produce the above polycystic kidney system, become the source of the entire family of pain. Fourth, this idea seems very optimistic, but did not recognize the complexity of genetic disease. Including polycystic kidney disease, including all genetic diseases are congenital, lifelong characteristics, that is inherent, life-long illness, irreversible gene mutation, can not cure. But our patients must be confident of the treatment, the rapid development of medical technology with confidence, but also not blindly optimistic, with the next generation responsible attitude to understand the genetic characteristics of polycystic kidney disease, to avoid the disease of polycystic kidney disease gene inheritance to the next generation, completely eradicate family pain. In addition, polycystic kidney disease is a single gene genetic disease, relying on the current biotechnology and medical technology is completely able to avoid inheritance to the next generation.

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