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Treatment of unroofing decompression of polycystic kidney

May 08, 2017

What is the specific method of treatment of polycystic kidney?What preparations need to be done before the treatment of polycystic kidney?Xiao Ming has polycystic kidney, do not know how to do,want to go to the hospital, he's afraid it's too expensive.Occasionally listen to a friend said to the top decompression, trauma is small, rehabilitation is also very fast, think this method is good, you can try.So, what is the specific method of treatment of unroofing decompression of polycystic renal disease?Unroofing decompression of polycystic kidney before which need to do to prepare?

Polycystic kidney patients with renal cyst of the door, and a single cyst is greater than 4 cm, to top decompression can reduce the compression of cyst of kidney essence, lower blood pressure and protect the most residual nephron from extrusion and further damage and improve renal function, slow disease progression.

The specific treatment of unroofing decompression

To top decompression is under continuous epidural block of stiff backbone, incision between the 11th rib in the small of your back, looking directly at the sharpness free kidney, will it to the wound to get fully revealed, with electric knife tip will clear at the top of the cyst excision, and the deep to shallow layer on the top of the cyst do excision of the cyst wall, reduce the cyst on the renal parenchyma.

Go to top decompression preoperative should be prepared

To go top decompression surgery, the patient should be fully prepared, 2 weeks before surgery should quit wine, do not eat acrimony excitant food, lest cause cough, affect the operation schedule; After operation for skin, should take a shower to clean the whole body, to prevent postoperative infection, surgery overnight liquid diet, zero after fasting water; Preoperative enema or oral bowel cleaning drugs.

The above is about the treatment of polycystic kidney decompression and preoperative preparation,the treatment of polycystic kidney unroofing decompression, for patients with different course of disease, the role is not the same.Patients can choose according to their own progression and demand right operation method, polycystic kidney to top decompression therapy.

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