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The treatment of polycystic kidney disease?

May 08, 2017

What is the treatment of polycystic kidney disease?Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease, most of the people at the age of 40 after symptoms of polycystic kidney.No matter what disease, as long as the early treatment, using the best treatment there is the possibility of healing, today, to introduce some methods for the treatment of polycystic kidney.

The treatment of polycystic kidney disease includes antihypertensive treatment, prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection and kidney stones, the treatment of intracapsular hemorrhage, surgical treatment, renal replacement therapy, cyst decompression, etc..

Control of hypertension and antihypertensive treatment.good control of high blood pressure, can improve the prognosis of patients.Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection and kidney stones.

Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infection and kidney stones.Choose effective antibiotics given anti-infection treatment actively,the main purpose is to use effective antibiotics to treat anti infective therapy, which is used in the treatment of acute pyelonephritis.The patients prone to urinary tract infections, especially women, such as pyelonephritis or renal cyst infection induced pain aggravated with fever, hematuria, pyuria, severe cases can lead to urinary tract sepsis. Therefore, we must actively treat.

 Renal replacement therapy. At present,the adequacy and inpidualization of modern dialysis technology have made the prognosis of patients with polycystic kidney disease very well.As HDF Biofiltration and other modern dialysis technology promotion and popularization in our country, more and more patients with polycystic kidney disease are expected to survive for a long time.

Cyst decompression.The cyst is bigger, and has the serious hypertension, the kidney insufficiency or to accompany the kidney area continual pain to be possible to consider cyst decompression.

 The above is about polycystic kidney treatment methods, but if suffering from polycystic kidney is best to the hospital, the doctor will give you the most appropriate treatment according to your condition.

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