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What symptom is kidney kidney late period?

Sep 24, 2017

Because people do not pay attention to the diet, it will cause a variety of diseases, such as kidney swelling is such a disease, because the kidney compensation function is strong, so patients with renal cysts usually do not have obvious symptoms of discomfort. Even though some patients suffer from backache, they are often neglected because of the pressure of life and work. What are the symptoms of kidney swelling? I'll tell you about it.

Abdominal mass: sometimes the main cause of patient visits is that 60%-80% patients can reach the enlarged kidneys. Generally speaking, the greater the mass of the kidney, the worse the renal function.

Hypertension: cysts oppress the kidneys, cause kidney ischemia, increase renin secretion, and cause hypertension.

Hematuria: may show the microscopic hematuria or the macroscopic hematuria, the attack presents the periodicity. The reason for the bleeding is that there are many arteries under the wall of the cyst. Because of the increase of pressure or the infection, the vessel of the vessel wall is ruptured and pulled excessively.

Avoid excessive exertion at ordinary times and ensure plenty of sleep. Keep a good mood, avoid being too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen physical exercise, and enhance the resistance of the body.

What symptom is kidney kidney late period?

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