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What are the major dangers of polycystic kidney disease?

Sep 30, 2017

In recent years, polycystic kidney disease in our life more and more common, and kidney disease to harm is very large, because the polycystic kidney disease is only in recent years in our daily life more and more common, so most people for this disease are not particularly familiar with, which leads to later many of the patients in this disease can not be timely treatment, in order to make the patients pay attention to this disease, today we will invite experts to introduce polycystic kidney is able to bring harm.
What are the major dangers of polycystic kidney disease?:
Repeated dialysis: polycystic kidney patients often early did not pay attention to the harm of polycystic kidney disease, do not be negligent for their condition of later polycystic kidney dysfunction, especially the end stage renal failure uremia after taking the body of polycystic kidney toxin can not normally excreted toxins in the body after long term retention symptoms to hemodialysis in order to realize the harm of polycystic kidney.
Kidney damage: polycystic kidney disease may increase the damage of renal function cells following cyst enlargement. The risk of polycystic kidney disease is also accompanied by polycystic kidney, which leads to chronic end-stage renal failure and uremia.
Polycystic kidney is a congenital hereditary disease! Cyst will gradually increase over time, increase the cyst can pull the renal capsule caused by lumbar discomfort, such as pain and oppression; kidney cyst, can lead to renal ischemia and hypoxia, and then advances gradually appeared high blood pressure, hematuria, renal insufficiency and uremia.
Not sick children do not carry cyst gene, the next generation sun generation is not the disease, that is not atavistic. It is very rare that a gene is mutated without a parental inheritance.
Complications: polycystic kidney disease, kidney failure occurs later, patients with polycystic kidney disease tend to have varying degrees of complications, such as hypertension, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort.

What are the major dangers of polycystic kidney disease?

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