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What is the main method of diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease

Oct 02, 2017

What is the diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease? This is a lot of people want to know, because the occurrence of polycystic kidney disease is a huge harm, in order to completely get rid of the disease caused by the harm, we need to consult the relevant experts, experts will give you to develop their own treatment , Then what is the diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease?

What is the main method of diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease

General treatment: Under normal circumstances, the patient check out the polycystic kidney, the first to maintain an optimistic attitude, if not the normal life of the patient affected, usually need to pay attention not to eat less salty, spicy and other spicy food, Time to the law, the mood should be stable and optimistic; if the normal life of the patient affected, usually pay attention to the above a few, but also for treatment, and the sooner the better, or let the development of renal failure uremia, late.

Cysts to the top decompression: This operation to reduce the cysts on the renal parenchymal oppression, to protect most of the remaining kidney units from compression and further damage, so that renal ischemic condition improved, part of the renal function unit to be restored, delayed The development of the disease. The key to successful surgery is to perform surgery as early as possible, cyst decompression must be complete, do not give up small cysts and deep cysts decompression. Both sides should be surgery, the general interval of bilateral surgery for more than six months. Advanced cases such as renal damage has been in azotemia, uremia, regardless of whether the merger with high blood pressure, decompression treatment has been meaningless, surgical anti-aggravated disease.

Chinese medicine treatment: the current Chinese medicine in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease to take conservative treatment (taking traditional Chinese medicine), the effect is very good. Chinese medicine using the overall concept and syndrome differentiation, that polycystic kidney disease is the result of external and internal factors, through the cascade persion, and gradually let the cysts liquid discharge, to achieve the purpose of cysts gradually narrow. Although the current Chinese medicine can not overcome the genetic problems, but the effect of conservative treatment is comparable to Western medicine, and the basic non-toxic side effects, not easy to relapse.

The diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease, we must be particularly understand and grasp, which is to help you actively carry out the protection of targeted treatment, of course, polycystic kidney disease, including many aspects of diagnosis, in order to completely reduce the harm caused by the disease, everyone in After understanding the diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease, it is necessary to actively consult the relevant experts.

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