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How the tradition Chinese medicine to treat PKD?

There are numerous fluid-filled sacs grow in the kidney. These sacs will grow larger and larger over time. If they are too big or some other severe complications appear, an effective treatment must be needed urgently. In order to r ...Read More


Lemon grass have a lot of benefits for PKD patients.

Polycystic kidney Disease ( PKD ), a genetic disorder, is characterized by a cluster of cysts growing on both kidneys. For PKD patients with kidney damage, they are asked to have a restricted diet. Can lemon grass be taken by them? ...Read More


How to treat PKD?

Most of patients have family history, man is more than woman, the common symptoms are waist and abdominal pain which is the initial symptom for most of patients, the symptom is persistent or paroxysmal and after overwork will be se ...Read More


The heritability of polycystic kidney disease

First, what is polycystic kidney? A congenital disease involving the bilateral kidneys of the polycystic kidney system. The kidneys are filled with cysts of varying sizes, and some can communicate with each other to increase the si ...Read More


Can use Chinese traditional medicine to be able to have a relapse?

I am a polycystic kidney patient, I had cyst resection in 2010, but less than a year the cyst grew again, is bigger than before, Chinese medicine combined with western medicine, I can guarantee that the cyst growth no longer? For t ...Read More


Can polycystic kidney really be treated?

Can you really cure polycystic kidney disease? Please tell me the real answer. This is a question asked by a patient to consult with our hospital. It is also a question that many patients are very concerned about. Can polycystic ki ...Read More


Why patients with polycystic kidney disease not drink?

Patients with polycystic kidney disease can not drink, which is really different from torture for patients who drink alcohol. Polycystic kidney patients can not drink alcohol on the kidney is due to stimulation, the study found tha ...Read More


Tongshantang experts explain family nursing of the polycystic kidney

Although polycystic kidney disease is a congenital genetic disease, good care will help to delay the disease. To this end, Tongshantang nephropathy nephropathy experts for your advice. First, a reasonable diet: it is appropriate to ...Read More


Polycystic kidney patients do not want surgery, how to do?

What is the surgical treatment of polycystic kidney patients? Polycystic kidney is a congenital genetic diseases, genetic methods, polycystic kidney performance has two kinds, one is autosomal dominant, an autosomal recessive inher ...Read More


How do dialysis treat polycystic kidney?

There are many ways to treat polycystic kidney disease. There are many ways to treat polycystic kidney disease, and how to treat polycystic kidney disease is the most concerned problem. Now lets analyze the various ways to treat po ...Read More


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