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Hypertension nephropathy patients who need care?

Jan 03, 2017
There are two kinds of primary and secondary hypertension, and the most common cause of hypertension secondary to renal disease. Then the patients usually need some attention: 1, careful observation, early diagnosis: the patients with early kidney damage without obvious symptoms, some people showed only weak or some low back pain, nocturia or turbid urine, need careful observation, send instant urine to diagnose. 2, emotional conditioning diet, appropriate emotional effect can make abnormal and induce or aggravate the disease of the kidney to normal activities, starting from the concept of the whole nursing. The spirit builds Yue Chi to cooperate with the treatment, greatly improving curative effect. The diet is reasonable, beneficial to delay the progress of the disease. With traditional Chinese medicine diet, there are more than half the effectiveness of the work. 3, identify the severity classification of nursing: according to clinical manifestation and laboratory examination (such as blood biochemistry, urine routine, renal kidney damage severity discrimination diagrams), nursing care to different schemes, namely slightly impaired, supplemented with Qigong therapy, regular physical exercise, such as Tai Chi; for the severe damage, there are different degree of kidney failure, need to convalesce, bed or half bed, but enjoin patient and family night massage waist 50 times each, in order to promote blood circulation. Traditional Chinese medicine enema, pay attention to the patient's position, concentration and temperature of the liquid, the depth and pressure of intubation.

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