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What is the serious harm of hypertensive nephropathy

Jun 12, 2017
Hypertensive nephropathy is a secondary kidney disease, it will cause serious harm to the patients. It is what serious harm?
Tongshantang experts will help you to resolve the serious problem.
If kidney disease were caused by high blood pressure, belong to kidney sex blood pressure. The acute kidney belongs to the changes of main artery in the main and renal arteriole wall intimal hyperplasia to narrowing the lumen and arterial wall around the limitations of the necrosis area, including a large number of protein fiber, known as cellulose necrosis.
Hypertensive nephropathy can cause hypertension harm and atherosclerosis. Produced by renal artery obstruction in the proximal 2cm, occasionally involving the artery distal or branch of hypertensive nephropathy. Lesions in the arterial intima, plaque formation, can spread along the vascular wall, the lumen stenosis and intimal damage. Endometrium was replaced by a bunch of no matter which cells of atherosclerotic, fat, calcium calm, phagocytosis of tissue and necrotic debris of the thrombus.
In addition, hypertensive nephropathy can cause fiber hyperplasia, arterial wall concentric thickening, elastic rupture caused by intramural hematoma, there is a large number of collagen formation around the hematoma
After reading the article, you may want to make a judgment of your own condition and treatment. If there any problem, or other nephropathy patients had a similar disease, we suggest that you can submit the case data of patients, in order to Beijing tongshantang kidney specialist hospital of traditional Chinese medicine combined with a specific condition to give you guidance and detailed analysis.

What is the serious harm of hypertensive nephropathy

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