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Hypertensive nephropathy in the treatment of what

Sep 10, 2017

Now no matter what disease occurs in our side, we can not ignore, if any of the steps there is a problem, then we will let their body by a lot of damage. Now we all know the occurrence of hypertensive nephropathy, then it should also know the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, then what is the treatment for it, the following for everyone to talk about the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy.

Hypertensive nephropathy treatment measures:

early, mild hypertension and normal urine normal can be non-drug treatment, to maintain good mood, weight loss, salt, limit alcohol, practicing qigong and tai chi, appropriate physical exercise.

the choice of antihypertensive drugs: ① diuretics; ② β blockers; ③ calcium antagonists; ④ angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI). Among them, calcium antagonists, ACEI on renal hemodynamics more favorable, ACEI lower urinary protein than other antihypertensive drugs. (18.7 / 12kPa, 140/90mmHg) can prevent, stabilize or delay the renal damage of hypertension.

malignant renal arteriosclerosis patients with rapid deterioration of renal function in the short term, combined with hypertensive encephalopathy, rapid decline in vision, intracranial hemorrhage, and can not be oral medication, intravenous administration, commonly used sodium nitroprusside, and strive to 12 ~ 24 hours to control blood pressure. Long pressing can quickly lower blood pressure, suitable for the initial treatment of malignant hypertension.

accompanied by hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hyperuricemia, should be given the appropriate treatment. At the same time the application of anti-platelet aggregation and adhesion of drugs, such as dipyridamole, aspirin, etc., may have to prevent the role of renal arteriosclerosis.

renal insufficiency should also be given non-dialysis treatment and alternative treatment.

to maintain smooth stool, it is appropriate to use Qingning pills, Mo Jiaqing pills. Chinese medicine is appropriate to use Bupleurum citrus orange soup, Tianma Gouteng drink and so on.

Through the above content, I hope everyone can carefully understand, to know, not all the treatment of the disease are so simple, we need to understand the understanding. Now because we always have a lot of illness around, so now we must be a lot to understand the disease, whether it is the symptoms or other, of course, treatment is very important.

Hypertensive nephropathy in the treatment of what

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