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Hypertensive nephropathy in the prevention of nursing methods which?

Sep 18, 2017

For hypertensive nephropathy, I believe we should all know it. Hypertensive nephropathy is a very common disease in life, and its arrival not only for everyone's life caused a lot of inconvenience, but also to the patient's body caused a lot of damage, so the disease we need to strengthen attention , Then, Hypertensive nephropathy preventive care methods which?

Emotional conditioning, diet appropriate: the impact of emotions can make the normal activities of the kidney abnormalities induced or aggravated disease, care from the overall concept of starting. The spirit of the Yueqing Yuezhi with the treatment, improve the effect of a great effect. While the diet is reasonable, beneficial to delay the progression of the disease. With Chinese medicine diet, more with a multiplier effect.

Identify the severity, classification of care: According to clinical manifestations of kidney disease and laboratory tests (such as blood biochemistry, urine, kidney, etc.) to determine the severity of kidney damage, impose different care programs, that is, mildly damaged, Treatment, regular physical exercise, such as tai chi; severe damage; have varying degrees of renal failure, need to rest, bed or half bed, instruct patients and their families every night massage the waist 50 times to promote blood operation. Chinese medicine enema, pay attention to the patient position, liquid concentration and temperature, intubation depth and pressure.

Careful observation, early diagnosis: these patients had no obvious symptoms of kidney damage, it was only manifested as fatigue or low back pain, and some nocturia increased or urine, need to carefully observe, immediately send urine test to diagnose.

Hypertensive nephropathy in the prevention of nursing methods which?

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