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Hypertensive nephropathy specifically how to prevent?

Sep 25, 2017

Hypertensive patients more and more, and we have to talk about today's hypertensive nephropathy is a complication of hypertension, the great harm to our body, hypertensive nephropathy on the kidney damage is often hidden slowly, so often Easy to be ignored, the following we come to explain how we should beware of the occurrence of this disease?

Experts tell us that when our body appears some of the following symptoms, we should pay attention to whether suffering from hypertensive nephropathy, and when we began to decline in renal function, the phenomenon of polyuria and nocturia, should pay attention to the night Urinary increase is also a very important signal. Urine examination found a small amount of protein, red blood cells and tube type. The proportion of urine decreased, the concentration of urine on the urine has been diminished. When the renal function is further diminished, the urine output decreased, the urine has a large number of protein, red blood cells and tube type. Hypertension caused by kidney damage once the symptoms of treatment is very difficult, especially in the uremic stage, the condition is more difficult to reverse. Therefore, hypertensive patients in the active treatment of hypertension at the same time, pay attention to protect the kidneys. This requires us to do preventive work.

In addition, kidney disease experts say, hypertensive nephropathy patients to the regular hospital for treatment, under the guidance of a doctor to maintain normal blood pressure, adhere to treatment. Hypertensive nephropathy patients also regular urine routine examination and blood for renal function tests to understand whether there is kidney damage. Second, hypertensive nephropathy patients must quit smoking, because smoking not only causes vasoconstriction, increased blood pressure, and will reduce kidney blood flow. Hypertensive nephropathy diet should be light, to limit the intake of sodium, the daily intake of sodium salt does not exceed 5 grams. Hypertensive nephropathy patients try not to use or caution will damage the kidneys.

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Hypertensive nephropathy specifically how to prevent?

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