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What are the latest treatments for hypertensive nephropathy?

Sep 26, 2017

Many patients with hypertension nephropathy in the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy have encountered errors, one of the important point is that there is no good pision of their own degree of hypertension nephropathy due to the degree of hypertension nephropathy is not the same, treatment and conditioning is different Of the age of more than 40-50 years of age, high blood pressure history of 5 - 10 years or more.

If it is determined that microalbumin is increased, it should be highly vigilant. Nocturia increased, there is proteinuria or transient hematuria, often check kidney function, urine protein qualitative. 24 hours urine protein quantitative, pay attention to measure blood pressure, do fundus examination. Keep the stool four, to avoid exposure to heavy metals, toxic substances and drugs that may damage the kidney.

Chinese medicine prescription preparation according to the inpidual type of syndromes rather than the name of the disease, from the prescription to see the main strong kidney solid waist, blood circulation effect, and high blood pressure from the Chinese medicine are mostly liver yang hyperactivity, and liver genus, kidney Water, aquatic wood, hypertensive nephropathy mostly child disease and mother, light to see prescription, is not very appropriate, it is recommended under the guidance of a doctor medication, do not choose their own medication, so as to avoid the disease, delay the disease, causing adverse effects Diet pay attention to try not to eat too greasy food, eat more foods rich in vitamin C and vegetable protein, in the toilet to pay attention to develop the habit of regular defecation, in the resistance to improve and strengthen to prevent infection.

Hypertensive nephropathy should eat more potassium, calcium and low sodium-containing foods such as potatoes, eggplant, kelp, lettuce. High calcium foods: milk, yogurt, shrimp. Eat less meat soup class, because the broth in the nitrogen extract increased, can promote the body to increase uric acid, increase the heart, liver, kidney burden.

What are the latest treatments for hypertensive nephropathy?

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