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Suitable for patients with hypertensive nephropathy to drink four kinds of tea

In our side, there are a lot of people often drink tea, tea, the benefits of the body there are many, usually we need to pay attention to health care. Usually we need to pay attention to a reasonable tea, effectively lower blood pr ...Read More


What is the complication of hypertensive nephropathy

Suffering from hypertensive nephropathy, if not timely treatment, or believe that some remedies, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of some complications, one of the most common is the heart of the disease, which constitutes a se ...Read More


Key points of nursing care of hypertensive nephropathy

There are many complications of hypertension. Hypertension is one of the most common forms of hypertension. With the continuous improvement of peoples living standards, more and more people suffer from hypertension, kidney disease, ...Read More


How can hypertensive nephrosis be treated by stages?

How can the rapid treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, I believe that any kidney experts can not make a general answer. The tongshantang kidney specialist, hypertensive nephropathy of primary hypertension is caused by arterioscle ...Read More


What are the treatments for hypertensive nephropathy?

As we all know, hypertension is a disease which is difficult to cure, and it is easy to cause other diseases. Hypertensive nephropathy is one of the diseases caused by primary hypertension, which is undoubtedly a disaster for patie ...Read More


Differential diagnosis of hypertensive nephropathy, take a look at whether or not you have any

Tongshantang experts remindedeveryone, to explore the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hypertensive nephropathy, should be the exception of various secondary hypertension, especially hypertension type of chronic glomerulonep ...Read More


Interpretation of hypertensive nephropathy

Hypertensive nephropathy and ventilated nephropathy are primary hypertension caused by benign arteriolar sclerosis (also known as hypertension, renal arteriolar sclerosis) and malignant arteriolar sclerosis, accompanied by correspo ...Read More


How to treat hypertensive nephropathy?

The core tips: daily oral low-dose aspirin, is conducive to the protection of the heart and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications, when angina or heart failure should be given the appropriate treatment, which is ...Read More


Analysis of the relationship between hypertension and nephropathy

Hypertension and kidney disease can be described as two fellow sufferers. Kidney disease often can cause hypertension, such as the elderly rare benign arteriolar nephrosclerosis; at the same time, hypertension, which in turn will l ...Read More


Dining table of "three more four less" to comply with the control of hypertensive nephropathy

In fact, kidney disease,hypertension, two diseases often collusion together, aggravate the disease, destruction of treatment, on the one hand, high blood pressure can cause kidney, leading to chronic kidney disease, on the other ha ...Read More


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