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Death from kidney failure is not uremia

Early symptoms of nephropathy are generally easily overlooked by people, so until the time of discovery, the general development for renal failure, and even uremia. Many people think that the death of patients with renal failure du ...Read More


Nephritis easily lead to complications What?

Anemia: Anemia is the most common complication of nephritis. Renal parenchymal damage in patients with advanced chronic nephritis may be complicated by a variety of abnormal blood system, such as: anemia, lymphocyte dysfunction, ab ...Read More


What are the causes of uremia patients?

Uremia is the result of uremia and other toxic substances that can not be excreted but accumulate in the body. In addition to disrupting water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, uremia can cause multiple organ and systemic patholo ...Read More


Glomerulonephritis diet and avoid what food?

We may not understand glomerulonephritis, but nephritis, we must be very clear about it. Glomerulonephritis is nephritis, glomerulonephritis treatment includes many aspects, the diet is one of the important treatment. Glomeruloneph ...Read More


Nephritis relapse is how is it?

Chronic nephritis patients think it is a cold, infection, fever, fatigue and other factors lead to the occurrence of chronic nephritis, in fact, this is only the surface of chronic nephritis, not the root cause. So, nephritis recur ...Read More


What are the clinical manifestations of pyelonephritis?

Pyelonephritis belongs to urinary tract infection in the upper urinary tract infection, but if not treated properly can lead to kidney disease. Understand the clinical manifestations of pyelonephritis, before they can better treat ...Read More


How to prevent nephritis?

Nephritis mainly manifested as fatigue, waist pain, anorexia, gross hematuria, edema, hypertension, renal dysfunction, decreased urine output (in some patients with oliguria), congestive heart failure. Nephritis prevention should p ...Read More


What is the cause of recurrent pyelonephritis? How to treat?

Pyelonephritis belongs to urinary tract infection in the upper urinary tract infection, it is easy to recurrent. However, many people do not understand the causes of recurrent episodes of pyelonephritis. Lets introduce them today. ...Read More


Kidney disease diagnosed, only check the renal function on the line yet?

Nowadays, many organizations organize medical examinations every year. Many people check that renal function is normal during physical exams. However, renal diseases have soon been detected. Why? Some patients are diagnosed with ch ...Read More


What are the symptoms of senile renal failure?

The elderly are prone to various diseases due to the aging of various organs of the body. Renal failure is one of them. We all know that kidney failure is a more serious disease that progresses to the later stages and can even lead ...Read More


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