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Relationship between proteinuria and edema

Proteinuria and edema are the clinical manifestations of renal disease, colds, exertion and other factors will affect the kidney disease in patients with renal barrier filtration barriers, resulting in a large number of proteinuria ...Read More


Men how to prevent pyelonephritis

With the development of science and technology and economy, correspondingly, the development of medicine has also been promoted. However, even though the development of medicine is relatively mature now, many diseases have not yet ...Read More


What are the common symptoms of uremia?

No matter what the disease, as long as timely treatment, then the possibility of cure are very high. If you want to cure uremia, we must understand the symptoms of uremia. Here are some symptoms of uremia what? I hope everyone can ...Read More


What is the difference between chronic nephritis and primary hypertension and renal damage?

Chronic nephritis with increasing blood pressure should be differentiated from primary hypertension and renal damage. Primary hypertension associated with the age of onset of renal damage often after the age of 40, hypertension in ...Read More


How to prevent the onset of chronic nephritis?

Chronic nephritis tend to progressively develop, the natural course of change is very large, a considerable number of patients with the condition remained stable for many years, only a very small number of patients can relieve itse ...Read More


The latest nephrotic syndrome treatment

Nephrotic syndrome Everyone knows that many times the disease is already in the middle of what we have found and we can only get it actively before we can get out of the disease. Speaking of treatment, we should all want to know ex ...Read More


What kind of patients can get rid of hemodialysis?

China now found more than 100 million patients with uremia are basically relying on hemodialysis survival, and occasionally some lucky children can do kidney transplant surgery, so you can temporarily return to the healthy state, w ...Read More


Kidney transplantation is the best way to treat uremia?

Kidney transplantation is common in modern societies, but the process is complicated, for which many people take palliative care in the treatment of certain diseases, some conditions for uremia and some people where circumstances w ...Read More


Can patients with uremia rely on dialysis for long periods of time?

Uremia refers to a series of auto-poisoning symptoms that occur in the body due to endocrine dysfunction due to accumulation of metabolites and disturbance of water, electrolytes and acid-base balance during the development of acut ...Read More


Uremia in patients with vomiting how to do?

Uremia has become a common disease in our daily life, causing serious harm to the patients health. Therefore, some uremic patients to understand the frequent symptoms of vomiting some relief is still necessary. The following is a d ...Read More


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