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What are the diagnostic tests for nephrotic syndrome?

Many patients are aware that nephrotic syndrome is an autoimmune disease that can affect multiple organs of the body. Nephrotic syndrome is extremely harmful, promptly found the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, can effectively treat ...Read More


What causes dialysis imbalance syndrome?

Patients in dialysis treatment, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of dialysis imbalance syndrome. So what is the cause of dialysis imbalance syndrome? Lets get down together. Dialysis imbalance syndr ...Read More


How to detect thrombosis in patients with nephrotic syndrome?

Thromboembolic complications are one of the most serious complications of nephrotic syndrome and can even be fatal if not handled properly. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of thrombosis. So, how can nephrotic syndrom ...Read More


What are the side effects of hormone therapy in patients with nephrotic syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome treatment, mostly with hormone therapy, are you? But hormones can cause certain side effects on patients. Nephrotic syndrome treatment, the main application of glucocorticoid, long-term use of glucocorticoid will ...Read More


Nephrotic syndrome patients need exercise?

We all know that exercise can enhance the bodys resistance, a great role in good health, then, Nephrotic syndrome need exercise? How should exercise? Suffering from nephrotic syndrome, the doctor always told patients to rest, patie ...Read More


Nephrotic syndrome diet should pay attention to these points

Nephrotic syndrome is a complex cause of the disease, nephrotic syndrome patients need to pay attention to these points, to see how you do it. Day to light diet, especially when the edema to be limited salt water, do not eat preser ...Read More


Why nephrotic syndrome patients need low-protein diet?

Patients suffering from nephrotic syndrome clinical manifestations of large amounts of proteinuria, which can cause hypoproteinemia, but nephropathy patients need a low-protein diet, which is why? Most people think that protein is ...Read More


What is the difference between kidney insufficiency and kidney deficiency?

We all think that renal insufficiency and kidney are the same, are kidney problems, no different, you think so? But in fact, renal insufficiency and kidney is not the same. Different definitions Western medicine kidney and traditio ...Read More


Nursing of patients with nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic disease, its duration is long, easy to recurrent, so patients with nephrotic syndrome need great patience. So, nephrotic syndrome patients should be how to care? Lets take a look. Nephrotic syndrome ...Read More


There are ways to prevent the deterioration of nephrotic syndrome!

Nephrotic syndrome is clinically a chronic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome patients have many dangers, and most of the patients with nephrotic syndrome are often affected life, for nephrotic syndrome such diseases, science Preve ...Read More


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