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How to avoid developing uremia in patients with chronic neph

Dec 24, 2016
Clinical findings, many patients with chronic nephritis eventually become uremia victims, to patients and his family have brought serious harm. So how to avoid the development of chronic nephritis for uremia? This needs to start from the patients themselves, some small considerations can not be ignored, the only way to ensure good health, to avoid deterioration of the condition. Here we look at some of the preventive measures of chronic nephritis, hoping to help patients.
Experts said that some patients with chronic nephritis until renal failure and symptoms of renal failure after being found with chronic nephritis, which is because usually not enough attention to their bodies. After illness, patients often have nocturia more performance, but in addition to measurements of diurnal urine volume, urine routine test for identification of chronic nephritis is also very helpful. Prevention of chronic nephritis deterioration, timely inspection is very important.
The clinical manifestations of some patients with chronic nephritis in dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath and other symptoms of renal anemia or anorexia, nausea, pruritus and other renal failure before treatment, then not only abnormal urine routine test, but also damaged renal function (serum creatinine higher) treatment is too difficult, so we must as soon as possible to prevent chronic nephritis.
The incidence of chronic nephritis is a progressive process, progression rate varies from person to person, both depends on the pathological type of chronic nephritis, but also depends on the treatment and maintenance is timely. Chronic nephritis patients should actively cooperate with the treatment and the importance of their maintenance, if the progression to more serious uremia stage, can only rely on renal replacement therapy (such as hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or renal transplantation) to survive.
Through the above introduction, we should be on how to avoid the development of chronic nephritis for uremia this knowledge has a certain understanding. Experts advise that the development of chronic nephritis can become uremia, patients must do preventive measures, do not ignore treatment, and actively prevent the occurrence of uremia.

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