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Nephrotic syndrome can be cured

Jan 02, 2017

Kidney disease is a more difficult to cure the disease, it is a result of the stagnation of Qi stasis, stasis into poison, poison plug has led to more serious stagnation of the vicious spiral process. If we have no way to curb or break this vicious cycle, there will be repeated treatment of kidney disease, treatment of stubborn stubborn process. Then the nephrotic syndrome can be cured? Will not repeat treatment, treatment process of repeatedly? In fact, as long as you follow our unique treatment and strict compliance with the recommendations of experts, nephrotic syndrome can be treated well, and will not be repeated treatment, repeated treatment of stubborn process.

1, symptomatic treatment at the same time for treatment, so as to consolidate the disease, protect renal function.

2, for the nephrotic syndrome can be completely cured, but also for the treatment of symptoms, western medicine in this regard Poxian its advantages, including hormone drugs, can reduce in a short period of time, the proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome patients, decrease caused by massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and other issues. However, we do not recommend the use of treatment, but if you have been used, we will continue to use the treatment, but the dose will be gradually reduced until it can stop.

3, nephrotic syndrome occurs because cells long ischemia and hypoxia in the kidney of patients, due to work overload and damaged, the increase of glomerular basement membrane filtration pore, protein, red blood cells and other substances in the urine leakage, patients showed external proteinuria and hematuria and other diseases.

4, patients in the treatment of patients with friends, the first choice for the kidney injury of small drugs. The renal pathological changes serious clinical practice, the hormone and immunosuppressant, combined to minimize the negative effects of the drug, and the drug between synergies, more conducive to the treatment of diseases, but also due to the deposition of toxins, so that the burden of kidney with the passage of time of medication in the treatment of our increased gradually. Also as far as possible to abandon the use of these drugs for patients with acute, we use a unique drug in our hospital, the special treatment method to reduce the burden on the kidneys.

5, the treatment of proteinuria and other symptoms, can not simply reduce the symptoms as the only target. Patients with nephrotic syndrome, must be strictly standardized treatment. The treatment of kidney disease has been pided into three processes, namely, regulating qi, removing blood stasis and clearing toxin, and the treatment of a kidney disease must be adjusted by Qi, blood stasis and clear toxin, which can be cured.

The three process is the three impassable kidney disease treatment. Treatment of any illusions over three process will More haste, less speed., any kidney disease patients have to go right to the end of the three treatment process follow the prescribed order.

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