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Nursing Care of Children Nephrotic Syndrome

Jan 31, 2017

Children with nephrotic syndrome in children 3-6 years old common, easy to recurrent delayed healing, longer course. Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is the most prominent feature of a high degree of swelling, parents must always pay attention to more understanding of the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children, so that early detection and early treatment. In addition to children with nephrotic syndrome in children to receive routine treatment, the scientific health care is also very necessary. So children with nephrotic syndrome in children's daily health care measures which do?

In the diet: children with nephrotic syndrome in children with a large number of urine, will lose a lot of protein in the course of the disease, the body will be the phenomenon of protein deficiency, it should be supplemented from the diet. Children with nephrotic syndrome, children should add a diet full of protein, such as fish, lean meat, poultry, soy products and so on. In addition, the salt intake should also be limited daily is generally not more than 2 grams. If the kindergarten lack of conditions for children with nephrotic syndrome in children to prepare this special diet, parents can bring their own, a hot meal when the heat, so that children eat well eat their food intake without restrictions.

In terms of activities: children with nephrotic syndrome because of the need for long-term use of hormones, can cause decreased immunity, it is easy to complicated by respiratory infections and other complications, therefore, parents should strictly limit the amount of children's activities. To minimize the opportunity to public places, do some quiet daily game, to avoid strenuous exercise, so that children with nephrotic syndrome in children fatigue, worse.

Daily clothing and sleep: the cold is very easy to induce kidney disease in children, therefore, parents should be based on weather changes in children with nephrotic syndrome in time to change clothes, keep warm. And to ensure that children have adequate sleep, the best arrangements for children at noon every day nap.

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