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How to prevent kidney in children

Feb 02, 2017

Nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease, often skin edema, proteinuria, 


decreased immunity and other issues, prone to various infections, such as skin 


infections, urinary tract infections and respiratory tract infection. In 


particular, due to the development of children's body function has not yet 


improved to pay more attention to strengthen the protection, timely use of 


measures to protect, in order to reduce the incidence of infection.

Children with nephrotic syndrome should be alert to the occurrence of 



Because of infection in patients with nephrotic syndrome decreased resistance 


to infection, and therefore more prone to infection, cause the infection 


causes decreased resistance to malnutrition, transferrin and zinc loss in the 


urine and local factors. Bacterial infection was one of the main causes of 


death in patients with nephrotic syndrome. The common clinical infection with 


primary peritonitis, cellulitis, respiratory tract infection and urinary tract 



Acute renal failure: acute renal failure is the most severe complication in 


patients with nephrotic syndrome. The common causes of acute renal failure in 


patients with acute renal failure, including hemodynamic changes, renal 


interstitial edema, Yao factor, bilateral renal vein thrombosis, 


vasoconstriction, urinary tract obstruction, etc..

Renal tubular dysfunction: nephrotic syndrome may also be associated with 


renal tubular dysfunction, often manifested as diabetes, amino acid urine, 


high phosphate urine, renal tubular potassium loss and high chloride acidosis. 


The main reason of renal tubular dysfunction is the tubular reabsorption of 


the large number of proteins, so that the epithelial cells are damaged.

How to prevent infection in children with nephrotic syndrome

Prevention of skin infection

The kidney is the main organ of the body to remove water, but when kidney 


problems, will cause the water discharge is not smooth, so the edema is one of 


the most common symptoms of kidney problems, nephrotic syndrome in children is 


no exception. Edema in children with nephrotic syndrome increased skin 


tension, subcutaneous blood can not be normal circulation, combined with 


hypoproteinemia and long-term use of hormones, decreased immunity, easy skin 


infections. Should pay attention to let children keep skin dry and clean; and 


turning to the children regularly airing quilts, keep the bedding soft; 


children's daily scrub armpit, groin. For children with severe edema, muscle 


injection should be avoided.

Prevention of urinary tract infection

Proteinuria is a common manifestation of nephropathy, increased the content of 


protein in the urine, which provides a good environment for the growth and 


reproduction of bacteria at the same time, due to the decline in immunity, 


"homeopathy" bacteria can easily invade the body, causing urinary tract 


infection. If the child is suffering from nephrotic syndrome to keep the 


perineum clean, cleaning every day, when necessary to take Yao prevention 


measures, the need to pay attention to is a lot of Yao physical damage to the 


kidney, in Yao before the need to consult a doctor, to aggravate the disease.

Prevention of respiratory tract infection

Nephrotic syndrome can lead to a large number of protein loss, which can lead 


to decreased immunity. Due to decreased immunity can not resist bacterial 


invasion, it is easy to cause infection. In particular, direct contact with 


the outside world, more vulnerable to bacterial infection, respiratory tract 


infection. Therefore, children should be appropriate to add high-quality 


protein, improve the level of albumin, while maintaining a clean room, the 


window ventilation every day, do not let the children to poor air quality 






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