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What can nephrotic syndrome patients eat?

Feb 12, 2017

Nephrotic syndrome is not an independent disease, but a group of clinical syndromes in glomerular disease. It is characterized by the presence of systemic edema, proteinuria, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidemia. In the face of the performance of nephrotic syndrome, the doctor told the nephrotic syndrome patients can not eat this, can not eat that. The following is a summary of what is good for patients with nephrotic syndrome in daily life.

What is good for patients with nephrotic syndrome?

Melon (including melon skin): detoxification, diuresis and resolving phlegm; melon leather is beneficial to water swelling effect. Wax gourd containing sodium and potassium were low, so it is suitable for chronic kidney disease, especially, edema, oliguria, blood potassium increased.

Mung bean: can dispel heat Jieshu, antihypertensive eyesight, diuretic swelling. This product can reduce blood cholesterol, caused by renal damage due to hypertension and nephropathy hypertension have a certain effect; green sprouts are rich in vitamin C, has the same effect.

Watermelon (including watermelon): Qingre superior, and can Chufan thirst, diuresis flag. This product contains high sugar and sodium, potassium are low, it is suitable for patients with kidney disease.

Tomatoes: efficiency cooling blood and liver, promoting digestion. This product is rich in vitamin C and lycopene, can improve the body's immune function, and kidney disease and immune abnormalities, and its low sodium content, it is more suitable for patients with kidney disease.

Akako Zu: as a kind of, can heat diuresis, detoxification drainage. This clam is rich in protein, and contains a variety of vitamins, edema, hypertension and pyelonephritis of urinary tract infection for nephritis.

Walnut: is a delicious kidney jiapin. This product is rich in protein and vegetable oil, and contains a variety of vitamins; its high nutritional value, high heat production, but also can reduce cholesterol, as well as the role of kidney stones.

Jujube: Spleen Qi, nourishing and soothing efficiency. Jujube is rich in protein, and contains a variety of vitamins, known as the "live vitamin pill", can improve the immunity of the organism, can lower cholesterol, anti allergic, beneficial to patients with nephropathy, especially for patients with allergic purpura nephritis.

Fungus: heat diuretic effect. This product contains a variety of vitamins. With the content of sodium and potassium were low, is the best vegetables in patients with kidney disease.

Efficiency: Chrysanthemum detoxification, diuretic. This product is rich in beta carotene, which can help prevent colds and their induced nephropathy. Kelp: Chinese medicine called kelp, have diuresis efficiency. This product contains high content of calcium, especially suitable for low calcium.

Sesame: black sesame seeds to blood tonifying the liver and kidney, and laxative.


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