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Renal disease examination

Feb 13, 2017

1, urine examination

Routine urine test is a convenient, sensitive and accurate index for the diagnosis and treatment.

2, the urine volume and abdominal examination

To accurately record the daily urine volume of 24 hours for patients with edema and acute nephritis. Should patients with edema were measured weekly once, for the patients with ascites should increase the body weight was measured every week once, for the patients with ascites should increase the abdominal circumference was measured weekly once.

3, blood pressure

Blood pressure should be measured regularly in patients with hypertension.

4, merger monitoring

With severe hydrothorax, ascites, uremic pericarditis and heart failure patients often appear chest distress, not supine symptoms, should be timely adjustment in patients with decubitus.

5, rehydration

It is necessary to accurately calculate the amount of input per hour and minute, strictly control the drop speed, to prevent heart failure and pulmonary edema.

6, diuretics

We should pay close attention to the reaction after taking medicine, and guard against the occurrence of electrolyte disorder.

7, edema injection observation

The swelling patients intramuscular injection should deep injection after withdrawing the needle with a cotton ball compression needle hole about 2 ~ 3 minutes, to prevent liquid overflow.

8, symptomatic observation

To deal with the specific problems, observe the early damage of renal function, and take measures to protect renal function.


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