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Chronic kidney disease treated only by dialysis? What is the

Feb 17, 2017

Is advanced chronic kidney disease treated by dialysis only?

Dialysis is now only about 20%, want to know why?

Is it because of the cost of the problem? Health insurance is not able to cover 50% of it?

Or because the body must meet certain standards to do?

Or because dialysis effect is not very good?

Answer a: if it is really late to the recommendations or dialysis. At the end of September this year I started dialysis three times a week, waiting for a kidney transplant. Creatinine more than 1 thousand and 400 before hemodialysis, high potassium, anemia, acidosis. After dialysis has been eased, but now the daily water intake control is very strict, accidentally drinking too much will hold your breath, breathing difficulties. There is little urine. Recommendations or to listen to the doctor's advice, dialysis is not terrible, relaxed state of mind, the basic life is not much affected.

Answer two: Uremia dialysis ratio is low, of course, is an important aspect of the cost. In our hospital as an example, the cheapest hemodialysis is about 240 yuan, recommended 3 times a week, for at least a month to 3000 yuan, erythropoietin, L-carnitine costs a few hundred dollars a month. This cost may not be a lot of people in a second tier cities, in the economically underdeveloped areas is not a small number, especially considering the patient often can not do a lot of work to the hospital dialysis.

Answer three: chronic renal failure is the main means of treatment of peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, kidney transplantation, each has advantages and disadvantages, according to their own circumstances to choose.

Dialysis ratio is not high, my experience is poor, and then there is a miracle of traditional Chinese medicine so drag (of course, this is only my personal experience, certainly biased). Has little relationship with effect.


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