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Nephrotic syndrome can be cured

Dec 26, 2016
The treatment of nephrotic syndrome has a certain degree of difficulty, but is not an incurable disease, as long as the selection of treatment methods, patients can be effectively controlled, but the current status of treatment of nephrotic syndrome, it is very particular, treatment is not complete, the side effect of hormone and so on often make repeated illness worse, let syndrome patients suffering from pain at the same time also afflicted by mental suffering, nephropathy, therefore, treatment hidebound has been unable to meet the health needs of patients, more patients in the hope of modern clinical medicine.
Nephrotic syndrome (referred to as Shenzong) is due to the increase in glomerular membrane permeability, plasma protein in urine by mass loss syndrome caused by the incidence of pediatric urinary system diseases second, its clinical features are proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia and edema. According to the etiology can be pided into primary, secondary, congenital three categories, primary nephropathy is pided into simple nephropathy and nephritic nephritis of the two.
The early lesions of the basement membrane is lighter, with the gradual progress of the disease, a large number of proteins discharged from the urine, is an important cause of plasma protein lowering. The decrease of plasma protein level, especially the decrease of albumin, caused the decrease of colloid osmotic pressure, which caused the extravasation of blood vessels in the blood vessels. The mechanism of hyperlipidemia in nephropathy is not very clear. A large number of urinary protein loss, due to increased albumin synthesis of the liver, synthetic lipoprotein also increased, becoming a cause of hyperlipidemia. In addition, lipoprotein lipase activity decreased the lipid clearance decreased, may be part of the reason for the. Hormone treatment, immunosuppressants, often make the disease deteriorated repeatedly!
For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, clinical taking hormone therapy and immunosuppressive agents, mainly for the "disease" is only a simple treatment, anti-inflammatory and immune suppression, although can temporarily control proteinuria, edema and other symptoms, but it ignores the degradation of internal deposition in the glomerular immune complexes and other substances, thereby allowing these accumulation is not discharged at the same time, renal cell injury still exists. As a result, the condition of patients with nephrotic syndrome seems to be alleviated, or even temporarily cured, but once encountered a cold or tired, will make the disease appear repeated or further deterioration.
It is worth noting that the above situation will coexist with: side effects of long-term hormone produced, such as body fat; osteoporosis; bone necrosis; decreased body resistance; hyperglycemia; corticosteroid syndrome; peptic ulcer; electrolyte disorder and so on. What is more when the service or stop taking hormone drugs, patients often repeated or aggravated illness.
In short, hormone therapy and immunosuppressive agents is a mere formality, does not solve the real problem, make "no overall plan for a fundamental transformation of the taboo, go down for a long time, not only the treatment is not complete, can not cure, but also has many complications, the most serious is that can lead to kidney and other organs gradually atrophy and failure. The development of end-stage renal disease in uremia. So, the use of hormonal therapy and immunosuppressive agents must be noticed, not blindly pursue the effect of widely used hormone therapy and immunosuppressive agents, do not just stare at the laboratory indicators in the treatment direction of misunderstanding.

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