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Application of "preventive treatment" theory in the treat

Dec 26, 2016
Children with primary nephrotic syndrome due to congenital deficiencies, acquired nursing Shiyi, lead to lung qi obstruction, loss of transport of the spleen kidney damage, not regulating Sanjiao channel, so that the water wet stagnation, and the incidence of micro leakage. Children with primary nephrotic syndrome is different from the general exterior syndrome, but is not evil to form complex, is also not the pure consumptive disease, but outside the inclusion, internal and disease; the disease "from the lung, in spleen, injury in the kidney, susceptible to pathogenic factors, health and environment factors such as recurrent. "Children's dirty gas not filling" the physiological characteristics of the disease more susceptible to hair. Therefore, "no cure has not been cured disease" to prevention based treatment thinking on the treatment of the disease has very important significance.
1 "zhiweibing" clinical experience of "Q -" gas adjustment of God is great first proposed the "prevention treatment of disease disease" and the idea of. Zhu Danxi in the "Danxi Xinfa" play "has died of disease prevention ideas that conform to the four seasons, pay attention to daily life rule, can prevent disease, protect health. Our country has a vast territory, around the seasonal climate is unique, the Department of subtropical Guangxi, the sunshine time is long, the climate is hot, and the heavy rainfall in Jiangchuan, rivers and streams everywhere. In this environment, the human body more heat and damp heat evil is too much, the seasons leading evil. Damp heat evil invades human body and becomes the pathological feature of most diseases in this region. Daily nursing in normal children and primary nephrotic syndrome in children should pay special attention to diet, spleen and stomach regulating Sanjiao, preventing damp heat evil invasion, this is called "preventive treatment of disease". Many children with physical heat partial Sheng, the prognosis of the disease is easy to wet heat, easy to relapse, duration of lingering. In the course of treatment, the number of the necessary evaluation of heat treatment to the biased, dampness heat, damp heat according to the bias and add wet and heat drugs. The recovery period in the disease, should pay attention to prevent heat again. Selection of Chinese medicine in the treatment of the above policy guidance, also should be aimed at the characteristics of children "dirty gas Qing Ling", the resistance should be light, weak odor, taste bogey Zhongzhuo, effect of the fierce of the goods, so as not to affect the child to take damage and gastrointestinal gas. Often choose corn, lentils, coix seed, Rhizoma imperatae, tangerine, rose, green calyx plum, wooden butterfly, chrysanthemum and mulberry in the main square on the basis of.
"Zhiweibing" theory also contains "disease prevention has become the" point of view, namely in the disease after active treatment of primary disease, should also prevent other complications. Children in physiological and pathological characteristics are: easy virtual easy real, easy to heat. So how to prevent the occurrence of other complications after the disease is one of the focus of clinicians. At present the treatment of children with primary nephrotic syndrome according to renal biopsy results using glucocorticoid and cytotoxic drugs and other immunosuppressive agents. If the disease is repeated, or without a kidney biopsy, doctors will have to use large doses of corticosteroids and other immunosuppressants for a long time or repeatedly. The clinical findings, these drugs greater damage to the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach function if damaged, Water Valley gas can transport normal moisture to stay in the accumulation of heat, dampness heat blockage, triple burner, can cause nephropathy refractory, but also prone to secondary iatrogenic disease or secondary infection of cortisol, which is the evidence, which has become a disturbance to the normal treatment, one of the main factors affecting the prognosis of the disease. In the use of hormone and other immunosuppressive agents, if according to the pathological characteristics of pathogenesis in children with Chinese medicine based on syndrome differentiation, hormone can significantly improve the therapeutic effect, reduce the side effects of hormone, enhance physical fitness, reduce the recurrence rate and improve curative effect. So early in the treatment of diseases, which emphasizes the use of traditional Chinese medicine, and according to the condition of long-term with syndrome, syndrome differentiation, disease prevention has become thiscalls". The basic party commonly used are: Rehmannia six, Zhibaidihuang pill, Angelica Decoction, two to six pills, Yiguanjian etc..
The process in the treatment of children with primary nephrotic syndrome, the need to emphasize the "constant" and "balance" of the word. The first constant word represents perseverance and persistence. The disease is easy to develop, the treatment and conditioning of the disease is a long-term work, so patient and family compliance is very important. The doctor in the treatment of body disease, but also the appropriate psychological counseling for patients and their families, to ease the anxiety and emotion, enhance confidence in the treatment of disease, good compliance. Second "balance" represents the balance and measure. The samples on the primary and secondary, should be weighed, taking into account the specimen; on or excess and should be measured, and Mercedes Benz to balance; a real tonic vent, and collocation; when medication is needed to weigh the pros and cons, careful investment and fierce agents, and the avoidance of Nourishing Shen too delicious greasy, dredging should not be too publicity in the attack and righteousness; avoid quick success, for a moment and drug abuse, in order to avoid the renal toxicity of corruption temporary power outright, and with infinite.

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