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Nephrotic syndrome prevention should pay attention to what

Dec 26, 2016
How to prevent the complications of nephrotic syndrome? Although nephrotic syndrome is a common disease, its harm is still quite large, for patients and their families have brought no small harm, if you can stay away from the disease is certainly very good. So for nephrotic syndrome complications how to prevent?.
There is a complication of nephrotic syndrome treatment, we must take our treatment of nephrotic syndrome in strict distinction, because our complication disease is various, especially we don't have the same complications in different types of nephrotic syndrome, so we want to come up with a real the treatment effect of the treatment of complications in our way, we still have to be classified to treat complications we do. Below we will explain in detail the treatment of nephrotic syndrome primary disease complications.
1, prevention of infection
For patients with nephrotic syndrome, should pay attention to skin and living environment to reduce skin infections and respiratory infection opportunities. Once the infection should be actively applied antibiotics. But not suitable for long-term application of broad-spectrum antibiotics, so as to avoid drug resistance, resulting in flora imbalance.
2, to prevent shock
In patients with nephrotic syndrome symptoms, due to decreased osmotic pressure, patients with low blood volume. Coupled with many patients worried about edema and strictly limited salt, water limit, resulting in hypovolemic shock. The use of strong diuretics, combined with infection or nausea and vomiting easier to induce. Nephrotic syndrome is often edema, but at the same time the lack of blood volume, so patients should not be too limited water intake. Strong diuretics should not be used continuously, or on the basis of expansion
3, to prevent the formation of thrombosis
Thrombosis patients need anticoagulant drugs on suspected (such as heparin) and fibrinolytic drugs (such as Ahalysantinfarctase) and platelet depolymerization drug.
Above is our treatment of nephrotic syndrome, these are mainly for the primary complications. If the above symptoms are found, be sure to receive specialized treatment in a professional hospital, and the treatment of complications in our treatment process is also very important. We must firmly believe that as long as in the daily life, good disease prevention preparation, can stay away from disease.

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