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Health education for children with nephrotic syndrome

Dec 26, 2016
Syndrome nephropathy (nephrotic, NS) referred to nephropathy, is caused by a variety of causes of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and edema as a clinical manifestation of a group of syndromes. Primary nephrotic syndrome in childhood.
Parents in nursing nephrotic syndrome children should pay attention to the following points:
First: children with nephrotic syndrome should not eat salt food
Diet should pay attention to less salt, blood pressure has not dropped to normal children, this is very important. But the food without salt, and will affect the appetite, should use low salt diet. After edema and hypertension disappear, can improve the ordinary diet, but also light, not salty. Bread and soda biscuits also contain sodium, it is best not to give children to eat. Allows children to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body of vitamins.
Second: children with nephrotic syndrome should be bed rest oriented
Bed rest can increase renal blood flow, diuresis, and reduce external exposure to prevent cross infection. But should maintain appropriate bed and bedside activities to prevent limb vascular thrombosis. When the remission of nephrotic syndrome can gradually increase the activity, it is helpful to reduce complications, reduce blood fat, but should try to fresh air, to avoid public air pollution, and to avoid skin damage when the activity, in order to avoid infection and aggravating illness or change syndrome. Such as activity after the increase in urine protein should be appropriate to reduce activity.
Third: nephrotic syndrome children should not go to public places to prevent cross infection
To keep indoor air fresh, try not to bring children to shops, theaters and other public places. Note that according to climate change clothing, prevent colds. Fourth: children with nephrotic syndrome clothes should not wear for a long time infection is often induced by the reasons for recurrence of kidney disease. Often take a bath Huanyi, keep the skin clean, can prevent skin infections.
Fifth: parents should not give children to reduce or stop drug
Treatment of kidney disease, most need to take hormone drugs. Take hormone children, must be under the guidance of the doctor, with the condition improved, gradually reduced until stopping drug. Parents should supervise their children the amount of medication on time, must not be reduced and stopped at random, so as to avoid repeated illness.

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