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Recommended 2 recipes for patients with renal syndrome

Apr 28, 2017

Two good recipes for nephrotic syndrome! "herbal nourishment is like dietetic invigoration" as we all know, only pay attention to the correct life diet as usual, can be better to prevent disease. Two dietary therapy of nephrotic syndrome to help you better prevent nephrotic syndrome.

1 melon waist soup: 250 grams of melon, one pig's kidney, pearl barley 9 grams, 9 grams of Astragalus, yam 9 grams, five letinous edodes, 10 cups of chicken soup. 

Wash the material, wax gourd was peeled and remove nuclear, cut into chunks, remove the letinous edodes pedicle. The pig's kidney was cut in half, remove the white part, and then cut into pieces, wash with hot water. Put chicken soup into the pot and heat, put ginger, add barley, Astragalus and melon, heating with mild fire for 40 minutes, and then put into the kidney, letinous edodes and Chinese yam, after cooked cook for another moment, seasoning.

2 Turtle meat lotus Gorgon soup: turtle meat 1000 grams, 60 grams Gorgon fruit, lotus seed 60 grams, cooking wine 1 spoon, a little salt and msg. Slaughter the turtle, take the meat into cubes, put with the Gorgon, lotus seed into the pot, add cold water immersion, stir boiling, add cooking wine and salt, a small fire to simmer for 3 hours, turtle meat is crisp rotten, transferred to MSG serve, 2 times a day, each time 1 bowl, this is good diet for patients with nephrotic syndrome, 6 days is 1 courses.

Patients with nephrotic syndrome must develop a good way of life, under the guidance of professional doctors to develop a reasonable diet, to be early resumption of health.


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